Is It Time to Let Final Fantasy Die?

It took a year for Final Fantasy XV to reach what some may consider a complete state. The Final Fantasy mobile games are cash grabs. Maybe the series needs to go on hiatus?

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DarkOcelet142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

"It is okay for series to go on hiatus. Sometimes, it even ends up being for the best. Assassin’s Creed took a brief breather, and the result was the amazing Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Maybe, once all of this Final Fantasy XV stuff is worked out, Square Enix should do the same for the Final Fantasy series. Take a pause. Give people time to miss it. Work out some new ideas. Make a game that is 100% ready at launch, instead of maybe finally finished about a year later."

While I agree with the sentiment that the next game should be a 100% ready at launch. I don't think Final Fantasy needs a break or needs to die because it's not a yearly franchise like Assassins Creed and there is always a huge gap between each game.

Also, I never thought I would see the day there would be a dispatches.cheacc article without a scantily clad female on the thumbnail. Good job i guess XD . Here is hoping you would do the same on your website.

Godmars290140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

The only reason its not a yearly franchise - which Square has mentioned several times of wanting to do - is because every-time they announce a title they set overambitious benchmarks with graphics that then cause cause delay upon delay.

You did notice how added content happened between the FF13 titles right? FF15 as well? That's what they want to do in lue of yearly game releases. As if that's not going to cause - increase - franchise fatigue.

indysurfn140d ago

Speaking of Square and RPG this is a related story. The new president (as of 2014)
has said several times he is taking square back to their roots.

This is one of them.

indyman77140d ago

I think people DO miss it. Remember how people reacted to FFVII remake announcement? Even console launches did not get such a awesome reaction! It may seem like they are not giving people time to miss it. But since 200 they have not been making Final fantasy games. Instead they have been making action adventure or action RPG's and throwing the title Final fantasy on it.

No one cheers for action adventure final fantasy games (unless they dont know it is one).

Shiken140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Every numbered entry is a different story, in a different world, different mechanics, with no connection to the others....

This guy does realize that this is basically the same as saying all JRPGs should just stop for a while, right?

I mean, Final Fantasy 10 and 15 have as much in common as Tales of Zesteria and Legend of Dragoon...and the same applies to all of the games, excluding direct sequels of course (like X-2).

FallenAngel1984142d ago

What kind of stupid question is that

michellelynn0976140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

It is not stupid. The quality of FF games has been in a steady decline since Monolith and others left square. I hope they make a come back, but they need better characters, story and gameplay.

FallenAngel1984140d ago

Not really. We’ve had various great FF titles over the years. It’s never gotten to the point where it should end as a franchise and it’s ridiculous to even bring up the notion

RashBandicoot139d ago

I agree, it's never gotten that bad. In retrospect so many studio including Monolith haven't been delivering A+ material either. Xenoblade 2 from what I hear was a disappoint and follows cliche JRPG tropes.

kalkano142d ago

Final Fantasy is now the world's longest identity crisis...

Gardenia140d ago

They should look back at what made Final Fantasy so good. I feel like they themselves don't even know what kind of game they want to make

Scatpants140d ago

I'd kill for a Final Fantasy that was at least something like 6 through 9.

FinalFantasyFanatic139d ago

I feel like the closest we ever got in recent years was World of Final Fantasy, that felt very similar to classic FF to me. Anything after X doesn't feel like it has that magic or charm.

PhoenixUp142d ago

Yes a company should let it’s biggest flagship that helped it survive through dire times just stop existing 😑

Godmars290140d ago

It is dead. its undead now.

Just, as I seem to keep doing, waiting for someone to apply Phoenix down, after an excessive and needless fight, to put it down.