Star Wars Battlefront II Update: Rolling Out with Credit Changes

EA: "It's been a busy few weeks for Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II. We’re excited to have launched the game to the world, but recognize that there have been some challenges along the way. We have learned a lot, and are making adjustments to the game to ensure the best experience possible. On Tuesday, an update is rolling out that begins the Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II The Last Jedi Season by kicking off factional challenges, letting you choose a side and start competing for rewards as either The First Order or The Resistance."

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-Foxtrot372d ago

Meh...wish they'd realize there's no half measures with MT's. At the end of the day it's still a P2W game.

Changing a few things here and there isn't going to cover the fact it's plagued with P2W features.

darthv72372d ago

I just picked up the 1st battlefront from Gamestop for $4.99 and was told the season pass stuff was going to be free. I have yet to install it and see for myself but it would be cool if true.

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monkey602372d ago

It was free for a short time. It's back to being paid for now though

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DemonChicken372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

Completely agree.

Game mechanics aside, it is still pay to win even if the MT are still out

Scroll down to compare the editions, paying extra for the deluxe edition will give me epic star cards so people who purchased the deluxe edition will start with a advantage to the people that purchased the standard edition. Screw this and EA, not supporting this or any EA game until they fix their business model and overall attitude to their consumers and also to their development teams (they will have a hard time earning those bonuses for a 90+ Metacritic score at all going forward with MT and LB).

thekhurg372d ago

Except it's not pay to win since there's no paying right now. There are issues with the game, but the micro-transactions that have a minimal to almost non-existent impact on gameplay are the least of the problems.

But you're a Negative Nancy that complains about everything - so it's expected.

-Foxtrot372d ago

The DLC from the pre order or Deluxe editions are still in the system, they include cards which are basically P2W and you paid more for it with your edition

Don't throw the negative nancy card around when you are in the minority here, almost EVERYONE is shitting on EA exposing their lies. Try harder next time man and look into it a bit more before you comment on the situation.

thekhurg372d ago

I've "looked into it" - the pre-order cards are available in game, and they make nearly zero difference in gameplay. The only cards are impact your success or failure in this game are starship cards, because some can tighten turn radius of your ship allowing you to outmaneuver someone without.

Everything else, it's still 100%, every single time, who is the better shot with their blaster/sniper, or 100%, every single time, who is the better duelist in a jedi/sith fight in regards to base ability usage, dodge ability, and know how to utilize each hero to their strength.

I'm in the minority because I'm not some anti-EA stooge that just cries about EVERYTHING they do. This game has it's fair share of problems, it has all kinds of them actually. It's not worth buying in the state that it's in. But these inconsequential star card issues? It's petty, and being blown out of proportion by people (like yourself) that have never even played the game.

So instead of being that Negative Nancy that you always are, you could instead just STFU. Or even if you have to respond to EA/BF2 articles, you could simply say the following:

"Hi everyone, my name is -Foxtrot, and I have no clue about how this game actually works. That being said, I don't like EA, and I want to complain about them and their business model. I also want to complain about a perceived issue with a game that I still haven't played and know nothing about. I'm basing this entire uninformed opinion off of other comments from users that have the same opinions as me. These individuals also haven't played the game, and simply hate EA like nearly every other gamer does. But outside of that blanket bias, I have no actual foundation for my complaints - I just want to whine."

T2X371d ago

If they increase crafting parts drops, you can craft what you want. See? That's not ptw at that point.

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RommyReigns372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

Too little, and far too late. Greed has imprisoned this game to the depths of irrelevance, no amount of polish and gameplay improvements could have saved it from the grubby hands of corporate fat cats at the top of the EA spectrum. It took an even bigger corporate juggernaut called Disney (and the threat of undermining the giant of the movie world Star Wars close to the latest iteration) to bring EA down to their knees begging desperately for mercy, for any minuscule amount of change to happen.

The lesson here = you may get away with grubby microtransactions by covering them up, but don't cover them up with a franchise so much bigger and superior than you. In other words, don't fuck around with Star Wars.

Activision, Blizzard, Konami and the other divisions of EA (FIFA etc) may have been laughing their asses off these past few weeks at getting away with similar despicable acts, but now the bolted horse has been found and exposed, and every game from now on with such despicable acts will be scrutinised and bent to the sword.

TheColbertinator372d ago

Finally somebody with clear sense.

Felsager372d ago

I am happy to see someone who shows clear common sense. You took those words out of my head and said it better. Thank you, RommyReigns.

RommyReigns371d ago

You're welcome :) I am fed up that many games which were at the top of my 'definite buy' list this holiday season have been infected with such practices. My boycott may have allowed me to gather the funds necessary to purchase a Switch with Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Odyssey, but it does not cover up the fact that the grubby developers and publishers have got away with so much for far too long. I am however glad that EA made the fatal error of trying to hide the BS within such a worldwide beloved franchise as Star Wars, the ''straw that broke the camel's back'', as now the exposure has expanded to wider areas of media and industry instead of just being confined to the gaming industry and gaming media.

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strayanalog372d ago

Still not buying it, but I can't help but feel that whoever wrote this was grinding their teeth and cussing under their breath.‎

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kevinsheeks372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

This is not what was expected, this is basically a baby step towards culling an outraged audience until they completely give up on caring so they can bring back the same old system at a later point.

it's like they wake up and think "how can we fix this without actually fixing it"

better yet this reddit comment puts it much better than me

EA: "Lets f em HARD at launch so that every update we can f them less and they'll thank us"
Gamers: "THANK YOU EA!"

XiNatsuDragnel372d ago

Yeah too late EScum your greed is over 9000 get rid of lootboxes

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