From Software Confirms Armored Core Series Will Continue; PS4 Theme Coming Tomorrow

If you're eager to play a new Armored Core game, From Software has good news for you, while asking for a bit of patience.

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Nitrowolf2377d ago

So perhaps maybe this is the game Geoff Keighley teasing about. Seems to much of a coincidence for him to tease a games 6th installment, and now we have armored core dev saying this and releasing a them tomorrow. They would be on the 6th one in the main installment so...

Nyxus377d ago

The whole thing about Keighley teasing a sixth installment was incorrect.

darthv72377d ago

I had no idea how many FromSoftware developed games i had until I looked up what they have done. some really good games on ps2, og xbox, ps3 and 360 i have.

Man i wish they would make a new Otogi.

Sam Fisher376d ago

Yess!!!! Otogi was the shit, had 1 and 2

starchild377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

From Software will you now confirm that Tenchu will continue and that a new game is coming soon? Please.

outsider1624377d ago

You and me both. We want a new tenchu, FS.

morganfell377d ago

Actually since Activision failed to actively develop a game, the rights reverted to Acquire.

NapalmSanctuary376d ago

Thats talking about trademarks, not copyrights. Activision sold the copyright to Fromsoft in 2004. Unfortunately, unlike trademarks, Copyrights don't expire when left unused.

starchild376d ago

I don't think Acquire ever owned the rights to Tenchu. They developed several of the games in the series but other companies owned the rights. Originally I believe Sony Music Entertainment owned the rights, then they sold the rights to Activision, but in 2004 Activision sold the rights to From Software.

From Software developed Tenchu Z and they published Tenchu Shadow Assassins on the Wii in Japan and also developed the PSP version of the game. As far as I am aware From Software still owns the rights.

Veneno376d ago

Nope sorry. New IP please

morganfell376d ago (Edited 376d ago )

Check your math. Copyrights do expire. And that is talking about trademarks and Acquire holds the rights to the IP.

NapalmSanctuary376d ago (Edited 376d ago )

The gaming world is not short on new IPs. What Sony IS short on is a sense of its own history. There's a reason that Nintendo can go through decades of failure and turn it around so quickly. Its because they remember where they come from. Besides, if you want new, its not new IPs that are important, its new gameplay ideas (something else Nintendo leads the industry in). Whats the value of a new IP if the gameplay is so damn similar to everything else that is out there?

Why do you think people get excited by the idea of a new Armored Core game, other than love for the series? Its because there aren't any good mech games currently in the market. Project Nimbus comes out next year and that game looks awesome, but its a completely different beast than AC games. Its more like Omega Boost. Considering there aren'y really any dedicated stealth games on consoles, other than MGSV, I'd say theres no better time to bring back Tenchu. Besides, there is no point in allowing entities to hold copyrights if they're just going to sit on them forever. It neither benefits the sciences or useful arts, that way.

Copyrights do expire, but not in a reasonable amount (reasonable being 15-30 years, as opposed to current law, which is life of the author plus several decades). The article you linked is talking about trademarks. Trademarks do not grant rights to IPs, copyrights do, and Fromsoft holds the copyrights. No where in that article does it mention Acquire, other to mention its new game coming out.

Iloveherliezz376d ago

Starchild you on your shit. AC and Tenchu. From needs to support both.

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UCForce377d ago

Well, thank you From Software for still have faith on Armored Core.

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NovusTerminus377d ago

I came in here to say just that. I miss Tenchu, but i am glad to see AC returning!

starchild377d ago

Exactly. I came to say the same thing. Hopefully they will bring back Tenchu. It is such a great series and it has so much potential.

fenome376d ago

Such a great series, so many different ways to go about it and good memories. Hopefully they do decide to revisit it again.

NapalmSanctuary376d ago

Be cool if we got a remake of one and two so we could play as Tatsumaru again. It would be such an epic story to retell on modern consoles.

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masterfox377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

Classic awesome series returning for a facelift!!, want a mech game and awesome one ?, well don't worry PS4 gotcha covered!! :D
I hope Polyphony turns is head also for a mech game, on this case Omega Boost.

fenome377d ago

That would be awesome, I loved Omega Boost!

NapalmSanctuary375d ago

If you liked Omega Boost, check out Project Nimbus. It hits the west next year.

fenome375d ago

Oh hell yeah! I've never even heard of that one, it looks sick!

376d ago
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