1UP: Suikoden Tierkreis Preview

If you don't know Suikoden, it's the Pokémon-style collect-a-thon for geography geeks, history buffs, and political nerds. Instead of cramming a menagerie of beasties into cramped, non-PETA-approved spheres to battle some self-proclaimed "Gym Leader," though, you're raising 108 allies in an epic military conflict.

Oh, and just for the record, Suikoden preceded pocket-monster mania by a couple of years. The franchise is loosely based on The Water Margin, a classic Chinese novel that revolves around 108 ruffians rising up against corrupt rulers -- so the games are less about dealing with scheming world-destroyers and more about ousting sleazy politicians.

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nieto23542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

the pic is from the new suikoden game? because the red character on the right looks too similar to Zero from the Megaman Zero games...

anyway there are more games that interest me on handhelds than on the all console combine, too bad i hate smalls screens. ;-)

kesvalk3542d ago

it's not similar... its the model ZX from megaman ZX

ad on the left you have model L from the same game...