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Steep: Road to the Olympics brings enough new content to the table to make it a worthwhile acquisition for any Steep fan.

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chris235372d ago

after having read this blogger‘s review i had to scratch my head. the game is full of new content, does stuff right, but the blogger had a bad day? or he got butthurt by his mom over a debate who had to load the dishwashing machine? 3.5 makes no sense at all. the ONLY argument he brought was „there is no longevity due to the olympic topic“. guess what: i stopped the main game of steep also after a few weeks. like i do with every game. so, there is really no counter argument here except for maybe the questionable mood of a random blogger on the internet.

tl;dr: can‘t wait to pick this up and play the hell out of it for a while.

Aenea371d ago

Is a 7/10 really that bad a score?

themodern_age372d ago

I love this game and play it weekly!

372d ago