Fallout 3: 4 Videos of Leaked Gameplay

GameXtract writes "If you've been following along today, not too long ago reports surfaced that Fallout 3 has already been leaked. This is quite depressing considering the launch date is still two weeks away. You can just imagine how many pirates will be done the game before the first legitimate buyer even gets his hand on a copy. With a leaked torrent comes leaked gameplay, and that's exactly what too has surfaced on the internet. A four part video shows off the beginning of the game. If your not into spoilers then this might not be in your best interest, but for others here is some great juicy content! First video below, and get the other three after the jump!"

First video below, the other three parts are after the jump.

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Rick Astley3570d ago

Lol funny how the 360 version was leaked before the PC version. A sad day for 360 and Bethesda.

jahcure3570d ago

it's the cheapest HD system out there and on top of that you can get all the games for this has me very very tempted to mod my console.

You just can't beat free gaming

Rick Astley3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Developers are losing money by developing on 360. How is that a good thing? Hopefully you get caught.

Bethesda should develop exclusively on the only "next-gen" home console out there. The PlayStation 3.

jmcorp3570d ago

Rick Astley your an idiot, a clear PS3 "nut-sucker" I advise you wisen up you douche, because sometimes people actually want to discuss the game on show not the console, poor sod trying to start a fanboy war..when u should be talking about Bethesda's new FO3...

your an absolute lowlife, let me ask u a question, do u start fanboy wars in your place of work? if you dont there, then dont start one here, its supposed to be about the games...grow up man.

vickers5003570d ago

"Developers are losing money by developing on 360. How is that a good thing? Hopefully you get caught. "

*Developers aren't getting rich enough to have gold plated shark tank bars installed by their 40,000 dollar luxury swimming pools. How is that good thing? Hopefully, you get sent to prison, raped in the ass, and have your whole life ruined just because you downloaded a video game.*

Fixed it for you astley

Capt CHAOS3569d ago

Hahaha, PS3 the only next gen console out there..

Man, you need to open your eyes..

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Killjoy30003570d ago

I can't get over the coolness of starting as a baby..

BabyStomper50003570d ago

I can't get over the coolness of stomping babies.... did I say that out loud?

crazy-eyez-killah3570d ago

Every piece of news on this entire site turns in to a f*cking fanboy flame war, do you guys not have anything better to do!? I read the comments first to get a overview sometimes but all I seem to see is fanboys bringing up which console they 'know' is better! Have faith in your own judgement and buy the platform you prefer, if you do that you should not have to justify which is better.. If you still need to then go to gametrailers to do it.. This is a news site not a platform-b*tching lobby..

(There is the odd person on here with sense not to bring up which console is better every 2 minutes, but not many..)

Anyway, the quality of that video made me want to evacuate my bowels.

LikAChicken3570d ago

When I first got here, I thought the concept was cool with everyone submitting articles and keeping the site alive. The community on this site seems strong and active; that's why I joined. Little did I know the ignorance, foolishness, and blind faith to a COMPANY. A COMPANY! Not even a religion. Your right there are some who make intelligent posts and others who truthfully provide constructive criticism. Other posts can range from kind of silly/funny to just plain foolish. Some people act like their getting paid to talk about there console of choice!

LastDance3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

some companies ruin it for others. That makes me angry.

And some companies axe thriving studios that create top Grade work for the hell of it.

There's more to it than - i like this company just BECAUSE.

tatotiburon3570d ago

and still the 360 version will outsell the PS3 version....Rick you fail haha

silverchode3570d ago

and still this game looks boring.

CaptainHowdy3570d ago

it echoes all the monotonous acting i hated in oblivion....the voices (which are pretty decent) are flattened by the dry character animation. I guess this happens in rpgs of late...i first saw it in mass effect, i hope this doesnt continue.

soljah3570d ago

i think it is that pc effect. it seems that rpg's that come from pc developers just have that sterile feel to them. it's like they are to clinical.
zelda,final fantasy,dragon quest,phantasy star,even mario rpg had a soul(you know that fun to play feel).
not trying to be a fanboy, but thats why i don't play my 360 much most of the stuff on it reminds me of pc games.

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The story is too old to be commented.