Xbox Games With Gold gave out $1,029 worth of games in 2017. Were they any good?

Looking back on the quantity and the quality of a key benefit to Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

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Team_Litt316d ago

I like that I could play all these games on my Xbox One. BC is great for this reason, adds more value to Games with Gold.

lelo2play314d ago

They are not free...
... and Xbox One games are not given, they are rented as long as you subscribe the service. Same can be said about PS+ "free" games.

arkard314d ago

Considering people used to pay to play online with no "free" games, they are basically free. Especially since the price has barely increased.

Goldby314d ago

Actually lelo, the 360 games are yours to keep, it's the Xbox one games that are tied to your subscription.

And in regards to not being free, Xbox live required a subscription to play online from the beginning. It was only after Sony started offering their instant game collection that Xbox starting giving games with the subscription, so Infact you could say it is free

darthv72314d ago

@goldby, lelo did say "Xbox One games", so he was correct in regards to how he phrased his comment.

If he had said "Games with Gold" then he would have been incorrect and you could correct him in regards to the 360 games.

jmetalhead77812314d ago

I see them as free. I pay $45-50 a year for gold, but I played and enjoyed about 1/3 of the games. That’s about a $350 of true value to me personally. Plus, I pay for great online services. That’s just how I look at it.

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gangsta_red314d ago

Some were good, some were trash. But I do like getting four games to play on my Xbox One regardless of how good they are.

InsaneGam3r314d ago

Oxenfree and TFTBL were my favorite.

Firebird360314d ago

I I rarely play online but I keep xbox live for the free games and the 360 bc games. 360 was my favorite console last gen so I love getting free 360 games.

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