Games On Smash Podcast - Episode 18

DCI, WorseCase and a special guest FatAnorexic come together to talk about

* Tekken 6 going multi-platform and more on TGS..

* Tomb raider having exclusive DLC and demo..

* Nintendo Wii being a fad..

* Final Fantasy being overrated..

* the question of the week is would you like to see PS3 have a new or alternate XMB?

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HighDefinition3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

The PS3 version just "sits" while the 360 versions being ported.

(probaly to 2 discs, joking)


ShinMaster3391d ago

I won't worry about the game's performance or which is better since even the arcade version runs on PS3 hardware of the bat.
360 will be just a port.

Silogon3391d ago

When I see all these games that Sony showed off at E-3 when the ps3 was unleashed for the 1st time, now going to the xbox 360. Yeah, thats trouble. Big trouble.

FPSJunkie3391d ago

the episode finally came out! I was WAITING FOR IT! I think it will effect the ps3 as in sales and stuff and credibility

WorseCase3391d ago

we'll work on not being late again lol

butterfinger3391d ago

I know of a few friends that wanted to get a PS3 just for Tekken 6, but I could now see them going for the cheaper option instead. Personally, I'll be getting T6 on the PS3 due mainly to the nicer d-pad and the fact that I've played every other Tekken with that style of controller:P

Deviant3391d ago

except they wanna play online and stick to their console for more than a year