PlayStation 3 Emulation Makes Huge Strides, Can Now Play Uncharted

The team behind RPCS3, an emulator designed to let you play PS3 games on a PC, have made a ton of progress since we last checked in on the project, with the program now able to run—if not perfectly play—some of the biggest and best games on the PS3.

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Apocalypse Shadow380d ago

I do love the effort involved in making things like this possible.

But why not just buy a PS3 and get 100% compatibility of all PS3 games? Even get a free DVD and Bluray player out of it.

freshslicepizza380d ago

That's the answer Sony wants to hear yet it continues to show your lack of understanding of the PC platform and what it is capable of. I know your number one interest appears to be protecting the interest of Sony but people love to tinker with their products they bought. Besides, maybe they can get the game to run in higher resolutions and other imnprovements without having to wait for Sony to upgrade the title and resell it to you.

SolidStoner379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

So basically you say that PC world products wants you to tinker with PC for the rest of your life, knowing everything about digital world, while still be the same as other humans (just a regular consumer of products! - "a user") ... while not knowing nothing about the real outside of the PC world! I know.. excellent nerd lives we live nowdays, the things we worry about... :)

Moegooner379d ago

“ I know your number one interest appears to be protecting the interest of Sony but people love to tinker with their products they bought. Besides, maybe they can get the game to run in higher resolutions and other imnprovements without having to wait for Sony to upgrade the title and resell it to you.“

They bought ? Did they actually buy Uncharted then ? No ?

Improvements ? Taken them 10 years to run the game like crap and you are mentioning improvements lol.

zb1ftw777379d ago

Not even remotely true.

Running an emulated game in higher resolution does nothing except smooth a couple of jaggies.

The textures going through the emulator are still the same old low res textures.

Emulating anything past PS2 era is basically a sub par experience and complete waste of time.

Even if you get a game running great, you don't get any of the bells and whistles from the console experience.

sprinterboy379d ago

People love to tinker with their products, what about 1 or 2%

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TheColbertinator379d ago

Its not about Sony or its fanboys. Emulation is a long time hobby of PC gamers. We do it and tweak it because we can.

If emulation of all Xbox 360 games was done tomorrow,I would download everything available.

Melankolis379d ago

I greatly appreciate people behind dolphin. Gamecube looks great on HD and Miyamoto once regretted that they should have made Wii to be HD capable.

rainslacker378d ago

I agree. Although I never spent copious time playing emulated games on PC, I always enjoyed trying to get some games to run through emulators. It's just kind of fun, and sometimes good to just boot something up if you happen to be on the computer and want a break.

Asuka379d ago

Honestly i think people just do this because it's part of the fun. Getting the games to run and the emulation stable is more of the intended goal than just playing games alone. Like you said you may as well get a PS3 if that was your intent.

septemberindecember379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

Upressing games via an emulator can make them look better than on their native platform. They also improve frame rates, and can add a host of other graphical improvements. Not to mention that emulators are great for archives.

Right now it may not be much, but the more an emulator improves the better games can look.

starchild379d ago

1. Because people don't want to keep a bunch of consoles hooked up to their tv and don't want to deal with the hassle of hooking one up every time they feel like playing an older game.

2. Emulation offers the potential to play games at framerates and with image quality not possible on the original hardware.

379d ago
zb1ftw777379d ago

Because people enjoy spending 2 grand on a machine to play imitations of the real thing.

Rhythmattic379d ago

Apocalypse Shadow
Agreed, But consider a PS3 emulator running on a PC... Will that translate to game sales???
Na, Its PC guys wanting to play the awesome PS3 exclusives without having to pay... Thats the real answer.

Reefskye379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

Already played the games and own them on disc, yet one thing my PC doesn't do that 5 PS3 consoles did which is the Blu-ray laser died, won't have to buy a 6th PS3 just to play games i already own.

(Fallout 3 and oblivion am looking at you) these games kill lasers if you ever spend more than a few hours a day playing them, pull the disc out after 4-5 hours of gameplay the discs are that hot u can bend them so both ends touch each other almost. obviously i didnt own all 5 consoles but there was 2 in the house at a time and each console is now dead, even my PS4 Blu-ray laser has died now my brother has to buy all digital games cos the laser is so hit and miss i refuse to keep buying a console.

Add that to the cheek of console manufacturers charging you to access your own internet is a the biggest con in the history of gaming. These paid online services are so badly needed on console that Microsoft thought they could do the same on PC looked what happened, no one has to pay anything to access their own internet console users are getting ripped off and they are fine with it.

378d ago
Rhythmattic378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

Ouch... 5 PS3 consoles ??? Fk me...
Not saying it didn't happen, but 5 ????
As for the PS4..Ouch.. Though PC gamers generally don't buy physical , so I guess all digital is the norm for you anyway...
Do def agree with your point re Subscription for online play.. Even though we get lots of free playable games while the sub lasts , the principle itself is highway robbery..
At least the PS3 had free online and Plus was an option for those extra's. I joined a few months after it was available, and would still subscribe even if all online games didn't need plus.
I suppose at least you don't need plus to play Free to play online games.
Still a bitter pill for many and fair enough i say.....

Damthatsword379d ago

Uhhhm because i already bought the games and my console broke down. Cant even salvage my account since its god knows how long ago and everything changed. I dont see why i should rebuy everything i already bought just so i can play things i already played. As far as im concerned, theres nothing wrong with emulating stuff u already bought. Id say sony can go screw itself the way it screwed their last gen consumers.

Perjoss379d ago

Eventually you'll be able to play PS3 exclusives in 4k and 60fps with this PS3 emulator.

Many-hat5379d ago

And your logic is sound, from a gamers perspective. However, having been a 'coder' myself, the thrill and challenge of getting something like this working, is it's own reward. For me, coding, especially 'assembly' programing is pretty much a creative art. And, although, I never actually completed my main project -a 6502/6800 cross assembler at the time, I still remember how addictive it became. I have nothing but admiration for their efforts, but not in the sense of being able to play the games. Respect.

Weeblordbad378d ago

His logic in this is flawed, in that his situation isn't REALLY the goal of the group of people behind the emulator.

Trust me, there is a reason the usual suspects are all here posting the exact same thing. It's a fun time on N4G.

Rhythmattic378d ago

Thats the geek in you... I totally get it.....
The challenge IS the reason....
EA and their BS "you feel like you've accomplished something" LOL
Code a PS3 EMU .... Now that is the real deal.

rainslacker378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

No doubt. For a programmer, getting something like this to work really is a big deal. I write tools for converting compile time code between platforms, and I love the challenge, and love it even more when it works well. Plus, always trying to make it better brings a nice sense of accomplishment and pride with something I love to do.

I've never done the emulation stuff, which is more run time translation, but think I'd enjoy it. I just don't care to really dedicate so much time to it, nor writing the API's to get the graphics to display correctly. While graphics are a big part of my job, it's probably the least favorite part of it. Luckily I only have to link to existing API's for such things, and let the graphics guys write their things that do what the company is trying to make.

I really love assembly. You really get a sense of how these machines work when you start writing in it. Higher level functions don't really get to the meat of the processes, but I am astounded and find it remarkable at just how ingenious mankind can be to make something like this work on a microscopic level. When you consider the invention of the computer is relatively new in history, and now we have computers which have more transistors in them than those original ones within a fraction of a pinpoint.

378d ago
rainslacker378d ago

Emulators often come from a perspective of "because we can".

It's quite an accomplisment given the nature of SPE programming, which is nowhere near as direct as standard RISC->CISC emulation which has more direct translations between code. On top of that SPE programming doesn't have many direct functions that you see on GPU's, although modern GPU's can handle a lot of SPE functions...although not usually as fast as PS3's CELL could.

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bluefox755379d ago

"Now, as with most emulation stories, “playable” is used only in the most literal sense. Most of these games still have huge issues, from single-digit framerates to broken shadows to texture horror shows. The point here is the progress being made, not the end result."
Game came out 10 years ago. I have no problems with emulation, but if you're still holding out, maybe just buy a used PS3, they're dirt cheap at this point, and you won't have to worry about massive bugs and single digit frame rates.

379d ago
Weeblordbad378d ago

No ones holding out to buy a PS3 and Uncharted, it's the fact that it's possible and improving. Look at 360 and Wii U, they're PowerPC and while not the same as x86 shares far more similarities than the PS3 did and emulators for those platforms are still far from perfect. Not everything with emulation is associated with piracy, think just a little bit out of the box.

N1379d ago

thats pretty awsome for people that didnt get to play the PS3 but honestly just get a ps3. The games are dirt cheap now.

Silly gameAr379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

It's adorable how these articles keep popping up, when any other other aticle with this subject matter would be failed asap. Anyway, enjoy PC owners. Still have my game that I bought when I got my PS3 yeaaaaaaaars ago.

balance2theforce379d ago

Yeah right! This board seems to love these kind of stories when they were talking about Nintendo games being emulated. So let's not act like they immediately get taken down.There was one about Zelda and the cemu stuff that was up for like a week. So you can get out of here with that bs lol

Damthatsword378d ago

Good luck when your rented hardware brakes down. Have fun paying for games you already own and played :).

378d ago
DarXyde379d ago

They sure are taking liberties with what's considered "playable". Uncharted runs, but with a pretty bad frame rate.

Emulators are okay (especially with PS3 now being discontinued), but don't steal games via roms. I don't see any indication of that here, but support the developers, at least.

VonAlbrecht379d ago

You mean, support gamestop by buying a used console and game? Screw that. It's almost literally impossible to support the developers for most of the games that would be emulated, so just let these guys do what they want. It's pretty much for science at this point.

DarXyde379d ago

No, I mean find the game. It's not hard. At all. Uncharted is $20 on Amazon OR you can can get the PS4 collection for the same price. Like I said, creating an emulator is one thing, but I don't condone stealing games. If they make it so you need the disc to run in the emulator a la Saturn emulators, I don't see much problem with that. Do you not recognize the cycle? Companies like EA want more money and they'll screw consumers as a result. That'll probably prompt people to pirate, companies start getting bold with their anti consumerism, people pirate more, etc. It's dangerous. Once they realize they can't win, everything will end up being strictly regulated via digital distribution or streaming.

These are not unreasonable conclusions. We've seen enough studios go under since last generation. As gamers, we need to support the studios that bring us magic. What message does that send when bad games make as much revenue as good games (that is to say, not much at all since you don't buy bad games and pirate good ones)? I'm not about to steal someone's hard work. And these blokes have the audacity to accept donations when they didn't even make the games; all they did was make someone else's project run on unintended hardware. It's a popular last generation game. If you can't find it, you're either not trying or something worse.

PS, no, impossible is absolute, so something cannot be "almost impossible" just as something cannot be "nearly bottomless". It either is or is not.

VonAlbrecht379d ago

Yes, you can find a copy of Uncharted new. Of course you can. But you're trying to apply that logic for literally thousands of games that don't exist new anymore.

Also something can be almost impossible. If it is very difficult to the point where it can barely be done, it's almost impossible. This is about emulation, not your poor grasp of the English language. Stay on topic.

DarXyde379d ago

"Literally thousands"? We're talking about PS3. It would appear that you have a tenuous grasp of English yourself. Give me ten examples of PS3 games that you cannot find anywhere. You said "literally thousands", yes? Prove it.

And no, you fool. Something cannot be "almost impossible". If it is almost impossible, it is still possible. Something can be difficult and statistically unlikely, but that is still possible. Possibility is absolute: either it is or it is not. Likewise, something that is "almost possible" is still impossible.

You use these words, and I know they don't mean what you think they mean. Whatever.

Just prove your point and move on. List ten games on PS3 you can't find anywhere.

VonAlbrecht379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

At what juncture did I specify PS3 games? You're literally conjuring arguments. I don't even think there are more than 1500 PS3 games, let alone "thousands". But I'll even sidebet you that by the time a PS3 emulator is actually a viable thing to play games on, all those new copies of Uncharted you're talking about won't be around.

While I'm talking about things that you are wrong about, you're still wrong about "almost impossible".

Since you're so wildly devoted to pursuing extracurricular conversation, I took a moment to dig up this, written by the folks at While perhaps not a de facto authority, these people certainly know what they are talking about - at least more than a random chump who calls out people's usage of words in the void of an N4G comment thread.

Nigh is an old-fashioned word that can be used as an adjective or adverb to mean near or nearly. Something that is nigh impossible — like knitting a sweater in one night — will be very difficult to accomplish.

Since "nigh" is synonymous with "almost", a site that regularly writes on the English language itself has no qualms with the use of a phrase approximate to "almost impossible".

QED, stoner.

DarXyde379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

1. You first quoted me. I was talking about PS3. This topic is about PS3 emulation. Focus. And why would those copies vanish? You know you can still buy PSOne games from Sony online, right?

2. I specifically said "P.S.," the first time. I acknowledge that was a tangent. When you went on that point (and attacked my handle on English lol) I attacked yours. Not the most mature thing I could do, but what's done is done.

3. You harp on me about grammar... And continue with an elaborate point. I want to address that, but I really shouldn't. I don't need you losing anymore sleep over a side point.

4. It's apparent we will not agree. That's fine. At the end of the day, my argument stands: I'm against roms when you do not own games. For me, it's a matter of rewarding people for their ingenuity and rich experiences. I find pirates to be lacking in a particularly integrity. That's it. The end. It's over. Go to bed.

rainslacker378d ago

Across all platforms, and barring a few rare items that had very limited production runs, you can find a new copy of any game ever made for consoles.

They may not be cheap all the time, but it can be done.

Now, this doesn't mean that the publisher will still be making money off those games, as anything before last gen likely isn't being sold by the retailers that originally brought the game, but they are still there.

VonAlbrecht379d ago

When I was younger, I used to prolifically pirate games. But after sequels to games I enjoyed stopped being made, I started to realize my complicity something that was actually harming the developers making the games I wanted to play. I can agree with that. I'm not sitting here trying to argue for piracy, because that's not even where I stand.

However, looking at a situation like this pragmatically, if someone was going to say, buy a physical copy of a game for the purpose of emulation, there are enough used copies of most games in circulation for a substantially lower price that it would be impractical to pay full price for a PS3 title. The point I am trying to make is that it's disingenuous to to conflate buying a copy of a game with supporting the original developer.

I think I may have falsely conveyed that I was condoning game theft - that's most certainly not the case though I don't blame you for interpreting it that way, considering the way my initial statement was worded. Good night.

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