PlayStation continues to dominate Xbox and Nintendo as gaming ads ramp up for December

Y'all really like watching commercials for PlayStation games, as Sony has again has more TV ad impressions than any other video game publisher in the U.S.

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chrisx379d ago

Next year xbone will be almost totally irrelevant. The Ps4 exclusives will make sure of that.

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Eonjay377d ago


i still expect them to beat PS4 for the month of November with the launch of the X model but it seems it is very front loaded. I feel the same way about the Pro really. Its almost 2018 and the next console is only 2 years away so there is really no need in participating in the mid gen stop gap unless you really need more resolution and you need or have a 4K TV..

Kribwalker377d ago

Do you actually read the article or do you see playstation and dominate and you get whipped up into a frenzy like you did when you bought The witcher 2 for your ps3?
The article is telling us Sony spent the most on marketing in the one month time frame by having more commercials on then Nintendo and Microsoft.......So how does that mean xbox will become irrelevant? Please explain

gangsta_red377d ago

The title actually says this but I guess when you're playing Witcher 2 for PS3 a lot you gloss over the fine details...I meant Castlevania: Lord's of Shadows, my mistake.

Sitdown377d ago

Why? Will xbox games no longer work because of PS4 exclusives?

rainslacker377d ago


Actually it's saying that Sony had their ads seen the most.

While it's potentially true that could come from Sony having a lot of marketing right now(apparently twice as much as MS, and in some spots which would be prime marketing spots which also accounts for being seen more), it's not actually a measure of how much money was spent by each company. But across the board, it's estimated that 125 million was spent.

darthv72376d ago

Sounds like what people were saying last year, and the year before that.

DrumBeat376d ago

The mighty Station, even with the might and power of the Xbox One X, will not be tamed. It roars defiantly in the face of the Xbox One X and continues to pump out glorious exclusives.

indysurfn376d ago

What is scary about this is that Microsoft JUST launched the x1x. Cant push hardware on exclusive games so need to depend on advertising. And they are not putting their money behind the machine like they used to.? ut oh that is scary (for xbox owners)

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gangsta_red377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

Very nice that Sony spent more money on TV ads?

I guess, if that's your thing.

Dark_Knightmare2377d ago

No what I like about Sony is the numerous exclusives they release and the wide ranging variety of the those exclusives plus they take more chances on new i.p compared to the other console makers.

rainslacker377d ago

I'd prefer they curb it and spend some of that on making more games, but it doesn't appear that their games output is decreasing because of this marketing so I'm not really fussed about it either way. Plus it seems that Sony's marketing all gen has been phenomenal, and has worked out well for them. Apparently that new marketing firm they got for this gen was money well spent for them.

gangsta_red377d ago

Those are all very good points and i agree, but that really doesn't answer how Xinatsu feels about the situation or what this article is really about now does it...unless of course he really does love Sony spending more money on TV ads.

Ceaser9857361377d ago

Well the PS4 has a lot to offer and too many exclusives are coming out next year and with PSX this 8th. Sony will spend on tv ads for mass attention. When you have something to show and create hype then why not.. Cant say the same for Xbox, since it doesn't have anything to show

guyman377d ago

They also clearly spent more money on their first party

OB1Biker377d ago

He meant very mice. It's a trap for people who question other people feelings.

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Hardiman379d ago

2018 is gonna be a huge year for PlayStation fans! The shear amount of games coming and the fact that they are major titles has my head spinning!

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UCForce379d ago

Next year, it’s going be huge for PlayStation.

bluefox755377d ago

It's not going to stop, the 2018 catalog and beyond looks to be even better than this year. It was the same way with PS3, it just kept getting better year after year, where the inverse seems to be true with Xbox. Nintendo is less predictable however. One thing is for sure though, Sony has won this generation by any metric, and shows no signs of stopping.

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