The Game Awards: Geoff Keighley Gives More Info About World Premieres for Show and Pre-Show

Geoff Keighley shared that there will be between fifteen and eighteen world premieres split between The Game Awards and its pre-show.

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guywazeldatatt142d ago

hopefully BoTW DLC Pack 2 with it releasing later that night or the next day.

141d ago
Relientk77142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

"When asked whether there will be “AAA announcements,” Keighley explained that everyone has a different opinion on what “AAA” is, but there will be some “really cool surprises” and new game announcements. It will be up to the viewers to decide whether they are “triple-A megaton-level” or not."

Yeah... my expectations are really low.

OB1Biker142d ago

I mean, I expect at least some RDR2 gameplay?
Its high time we see more of it.

Ceaser9857361142d ago

R* dont turn up on events.. They will show something on their own terms.. So not keeping my hopes high for Game awards but PSX gonna be cool not big though..

mafiahajeri142d ago

R* are too big for the VGAs theyll probably post a countdown on instagram then release a trailer when it runs out 😂

mafiahajeri142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

Have you known Geoff Keighely to be anything other then diplomatic with reveals? Could be interesting...

Summons75141d ago

The answer to your question is no.

spicelicka142d ago

Yea that pretty much means no AAA reveals.

sprinterboy142d ago

Looking fwd to it, but pls don't over hype it.

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