Warhawk Demo Hitting PS Store Today

sev1512 of writes:

According to, we will be getting a Warhawk Demo in today's PS Store update.

This is great news for anyone who hasn't yet picked up this wonderful game. Do yourself a favor and check out the demo.

Our Rumored PS Store Content for 10/09 has been updated to reflect this new information.

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Silogon3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

It could use one. Nearly 800,000 units sold and only 80 people were playing last night. It took me 3 months to get a Commander ranking because of the sharp decline in players.

Not only that, if you play in aplayer server they'll kick you for anything. It's stupid. They can knife and shoot and blow you up, and that's fine, but if you mistakenly kill one of them, you're gone from the server.

It's stupid.

Edit to crotch stick below: You don't think a decline in players, and people out and out refusing to play, is a problem? You also don't think getting kicked from a player server for nothing isn't a problem?

Warhawk's community failed because of people like you.

ChefDejon3393d ago

some one call the WAAAAMMMMbulance. cry moar plz

creeping judas3393d ago

well Im glad I get to try it.

Silogon, the player servers, are they as good as the dedicated servers?? or is there lag since its P2P??

And I would be a bit concerned with the reduction in players if I had bought the game!!!

Ben10543393d ago

your a joke, i was just playing it and there were a few hundred servers, with over 25 official sony servers with at least 30+ people in them, then there were about another at least 50 sony servers with 10+ people in them, and another tun of sony servers.
then the were a couple of hundred player servers some deicated some not and lots of them had 24+ people in them
How you counted 80players is way beyond me

PoSTedUP3393d ago

the last time i played their was like 600 servers not to long ago. this game is close to perfect. silogon will be trolling N4G until he is 53 yrs old.

Killjoy30003393d ago

That joke was the funniest/stupidest joke I've heard in a while. Wanna hear one of my funny stupid jokes?

BaSeBaLlKiD7213393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

i just went on warhawk just to check the amount of people, according to the server count, there are 400 active servers and without scrolling down, i already have seen servers with over 20 people in each. you must have something set in your server filter.

other than that, stop lying and go troll somewhere else

edit: wow, a disagree?? ok i meant to say that theres only 7 servers with 3 people in each, and Silogon is right, nobody plays warhawk anymore

damn i just realized that i replied to the wrong post, i meant to reply to silogon's other comment below... damn, im having a bad day with posting on n4g today, lol anybody forgive me?? :-(

Pain3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Your a F*%$#@^g Moron kid.

go play your Pay to play Xbox 2 games and keep being a jealous twit.

Its not r fault Xbox 2 cant handle Warhawk or anything like it.

lawman11083393d ago

How sad, a demo for a game thats like $20 bucks now.......Yeah, Play BEHIND..............Power of the Cell my A$$

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TheColbertinator3393d ago

Thats good.I need to try it out

rogimusprime3393d ago

at this rate we'll have a resitance 2 demo by 2010

Tidus113393d ago

Yea this needs a demo its one of sonys best MP games

CrazyMystical3393d ago

is still in the top 10 ten best PS3 online games & this demo will be adding more people to the madness.

so see you all online just note when you see a Tow Missle coming towards you that's you little sign to run like there no future for you, oh wait there wont be =)

SlyGuy3393d ago

for (arguably) the GREATEST game this generation.

I know it lacks single-player...but the MP more than makes up for it.

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lodossrage3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

When I play Warhawk it is always well populated. And if its community failed then why do they constantly make update packs? That "80 people" remark is a BLATANT lie man even as an exaggeration

They wouldn't even bother if it was such a failure.

Silogon3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

I counted the offical servers last night 70 up, and they had 80 players across them. Don't tell me I'm lying, cause it's the damn truth.

Check them out tonight. Hell, check them right now. 120 and they have roughly 170 people playing. That's not good. Try getting into a game with a resident map pak. Go ahead, try. Try getting int the game "YOU" want to play using one.

Dog fights... try getting into a dog fight only server. You can't. They don't exist. Try playing just deathmatch. You can't. People aren't playing anymore, deal with it.

I love Warhawk, I do. It's my absolute favorite game, check my website. I play it whenever I get the chance. Trust me, I am a huge supporter of the game and Ingcog and I've bought every damn pack available, even though I can't play them cause no one wants to buy them.

Edit: I just counted again... I am looking at 70 offical servers with a total of 187 people populating them. 33 servers have 4 or less people in them.

lodossrage3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

"I counted the offical servers last night 70 up, and they had 80 players across them. Don't tell me I'm lying, cause it's the damn truth."

Ok, I'll go on after I'm done doing my errands. And I'll see plenty of people just like any other time I played.

Hmm, ok, don't tell you that you're, how's about that gamesblow site with the ps3 games only you seem to have seen? Do you have a link yet?

lol, yeah folks, don't tell him he's lying

PoSTedUP3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

IM looking at almost 400 servers buddy.

a regular deathmatch was the last game i played last week.

silogon will be trolling N4g until he is 53.

siligon needs a life....

ZombieNinjaPanda3393d ago

Really don't know what you're talking about.

I play warhawk quite a bit, and I always find a nice full room.

Then again, I do play zones, hero, and capture the flag a lot, which are the most popular game modes.

But I have seen many official servers full. And trust me when I say, the only time you should bother with player servers is if, you are either:
1. Hosting them yourself.
2. You know the person hosting them.
3. The person hosting them is a well known player and is not known to kick people.

cliffbo3393d ago

all i can say is that there is something wrong with your server. Warhawk is always packed. it hurts fella, i know... and i am happy that you bought the cheaper system, you can at least count on MS to copy Warhawk so you will probably get to play a diluted version in the future.

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robotnik3393d ago

I will download it and try it, but they should have released this loooong ago, it comes a year late

Panthers3393d ago

its probably hard to demo an online only game.

kalel1143393d ago

I bet it is just the training mode.

f7897903393d ago

Isn't that what all other demos do?