The Playstation 1 emulator is again available in the Windows store

A new UWP emulator is available in the Microsoft Store.

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SourtreeDing77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

cool.have fun xbox fans MS needs games,enjoy

whitesoxfalife7677d ago

nah, what we don't NEED is kids like you.

Muzikguy76d ago

Don’t need kids? That’s funny, I thought that’s all they had 😂

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Sonic_Vs_Mario76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

God of War UWP game has been on the Windows store for years

Eidolon76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

MS has games on their platforms, and the most powerful/expandable platforms at that. Get a Playstation if you want more quality exclusives, a gaming PC or Xbox One X if you want the best graphical experience for multi-platform games and a some Windows exclusives, problem solved. If you are an adult with a passion for gaming and a job, this should be a non issue, if you're child.. well keep trolling be the bane of the internet that you probably are, you'll grow up eventually.

Razzer76d ago


lol.....I hope that was supposed to be a joke.

lxeasy76d ago

@sourtreeding you mad bruh lol

jstark76d ago

have fun buying them on ps4

Thomaticus75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Don't do that....

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strayanalog77d ago

Better act fast before they take it down.

Emily_76d ago

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nitus1076d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Emulators aren't piracy, however, getting the ROM's to play via the emulator is although I am not sure of the legality if you do own the PS1 media and have ripped it to a file.

The problem Microsoft has to face is if they allow a PS1 emulator on their consoles is that Sony could ask for names of people who are actually using the emulator which means those people could be pirating PS1 games. Sure Microsoft could deny Sony the names however it could be implied that Microsoft could be aiding piracy. In addition, I very much doubt that Microsoft would like an XBox emulator for the PS4 console although I am quite sure some PS4 owners would not mind.

I assume that currently, no Nintendo emulators are available for Microsoft's console via the Microsoft store?

It must be noted that if you run emulators on a PC running Microsoft Windows then it is much more difficult although not impossible (especially with Windows 10) to detect pirated games. On a Linux distribution, it is almost impossible to detect any pirated games unless the appropriate authorities suspect you do which is unlikely and get a court order.

BTW. You can get a PS1/PSX emulator for both Microsoft Windows (ePSXe) and Linux (ePSXe). There are others as well.

bluefox75577d ago

At least they'll have some quality games to play now. *ducks*

sorane76d ago

You think PC needs games to play? I'll gladly compare games lists between PC and all Sony platforms combined. I'll need a few hundred pages probably just to list all of mine. Sonys list of good games wouldn't even take up one.

Valkron177d ago

Why won’t Sony release one? We know they can, they just won’t :(

DrumBeat76d ago

Sony's resting on their laurels.

AmUnRa76d ago

DrumBeat why are you saying that?

Agheil77d ago

Has anyone verified this ?

Axecution76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

yeah this seems sketchy
PhotoEffect has one star and its $5.99 and idk man.

Im considering risking it but tbh idk why id wanna pay 6 dollars to play ps1 games on the xb1 when i can play them on literally anything else for free

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