In Defense of Lootboxes and ‘Games As Service’

EA has ****ed up royally. Ea has ****ed up so bad that the US government is getting involved and threatening to legislate the entire industry. The gaming community is finding itself at a pivotal point in the history of video games where consumers, and by extension developers, are deciding what will be tolerated.

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MunchMiller0046d ago

There is no defense of this. Take your opinion piece, and shove it.

GideoVames45d ago

Why do you think there's no defense? I'd love to hear what you think!

rainslacker45d ago

There is a defense, but if the description can't get things right, it calls into question the veracity of your opinion and article.

For instance, the government is not looking to regulate the entire industry. They're looking at how to classify loot boxes. Classifying them may lead to regulate them within games, but that is a far cry from regulating the entire industry. All it would do is regulate a certain aspect of how they can be distributed. The fear of government regulation is not a defense of loot boxes, and certainly not a defense of GaaS as the government doesn't' care about that, thus it has no reason to be mentioned.

Maybe you had some salient points in the article, but it isn't apparent in the title or description. The title topic has likely been covered extensively by forum posters who make up reasons to "defend" it....or at least rationalize it in some way. But so far, most of the defense of it seems to disregard to consumers viewpoint on it, and so far, most of the "defense" of heavy handed MT has all been about how it's good for us due to hypothetical situations that may or may not come to pass, often based on spurious assumptions about game development and the industry as a whole.

GideoVames44d ago

@rainslacker That is an absolutely valid point. The article is not an indictment of legislation but more of a reminder that moderation is going to be a key factor going forward.

I think my fear and the general fear is that with all of the outrage going on right now, the good can very likely be swept up by the bad. We need to distinguish between what is predatory, which there is plenty, and what is consumer friendly, I cite MOBAs spefically.

"Maybe you had some salient points in the article, but it isn't apparent in the title or description." It doesn't sound like you read the article. Give it a quick glance and let me know your thoughts.

Rachel_Alucard46d ago

Yeah but most people don't want to pay to keep playing/enjoying a game and there's many genres that can't be done in MMO form. F2P ones are the norm and that's why they took off. Problem with F2P is content is too focused on the cash shop rather then anything good. We still have WoW and FFXIV doing sub and I wouldn't change it.

rainslacker44d ago

Yeah. GaaS isn't necessarily bad. It's all in how it's implemented. Seems more games that don't fit as well into the GaaS model are being designed around that paradigm though. It makes sense for something like MMO's, or even an ongoing MP SW:BF could be one. But the only problem with such things is when certain aspects of GaaS get attached to SP games which don't really fit into the model. Most of that comes in the forms of MT.

bolimekurac46d ago

i want someone to show me where GAMES AS A SERVICE has anything to do with lootboxes and microtransactions

from what we have been told Games As A Service means for them to extend the life of a game by adding more content over time and other ways of keeping players coming back for more.

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Elwenil46d ago

GaaS, Microtransactions and Loot Boxes can all be done correctly where they do not lead to games with Pay-To-Win schemes, or excessive grinding designed to frustrate players into spending extra money to keep up with other players or milking the hell out of our wallets with poor content additions and games cut up before release to give the publisher DLC fodder. The problem is that there are a great number of games that are abusing these things to force gamers into buying into these schemes in order to create extra profits for the developer and publisher. Because the developers and publishers can't seem to control themselves any longer, many gamers like myself have decided to boycott any and all of this exploitative nonsense and raise hell about it wherever we can. Vote with your wallet!

bolimekurac46d ago

i fully get that and im against the pay to win but im asking is where does it say that games as a service means lootboxes

Elwenil46d ago


Loot Boxes are only one variation of the exploitation that is going on today in video games. Don't get locked into thinking that this is only about Loot Boxes. Various Government officials around the world are using the Loot Box to argue the point of gambling in video games, but as far as many of us are concerned, it's only one head on this ugly, multi-headed beast.

bigmalky46d ago

Gaas = Online, multiplayer, DRM, microtransactions, DLC, possible lootboxes, trying to make gaming digital only (so pricing, licence duration and lack of customer rights can be controlled), one game to cover 4 years, badly made and probably patched constantly, map packs paid for, cosmetics paid for, reloads paid for, breathing paid for...

If you think that it's anything else, you haven't been paying attention to the developers using the term and the stuff they've been up to recently.

Microsoft are leading the charge with Phil's statement that MS is looking at delivering games as a service, backed up by killing all single player exclusives. EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Take Two, 2K and others are on the front lines.

If you don't believe it, just open your eyes. Start paying attentiom now.

GideoVames45d ago

What would your response be to the MOBA market then? Do you think they fall under that as well?

bigmalky45d ago


Let's be clear here... Most MOBAs are free to play with monetised unlockables, either dependant on time or money to unlock. They have also never used the term 'games as a service' as far as I know.

What I deem GaaS, is exactly what I have typed above. The ideas that the AAA elite have been floating around, patenting and implementing in full priced games over the past few months to a sickening degree.

If you want to muddy the waters by adding f2p games, go ahead, but it helps no one but the guys trying to empty bank accounts by any means possible for a game.

fenome46d ago

"Games as a service", or "GaaS", is just a buzzword they've recently created. Plenty of games have found ways to add longevity and increase monetization for themselves for years now without trying to screw people over or call themselves a "service". It all just depends on the balance between pay models, grind, flow of content and how everything gets implemented together.

There are definitely right and wrong ways to go about it, but right now there seems to be a huge push by big publishers to take it in the wrong direction. If it's allowed to continue how they want it to go by next gen we'll be paying full price along with subscription fees, microtransactions, loot boxes, season passes, DLC and expansions for all their games while also dealing with free to play cooldowns and grind models. They also think we should be grateful for it because they consider it being a great "service" to us. Apparently we aren't just playing video games anymore.

bolimekurac46d ago

thanks guys for the response, i was actually curious and did not know, im totaly against pay to win, i do think micro transactions that are cosmetic are ok but that leads a slippery slope. I didnt think gaas was the issue as i thought gaas meant ways to add value and longevity to a game through dlc and other means without the need for pay to win MT

Elwenil46d ago


Yeah, that's kind of the issue. None of this is inherently bad, but we gave an inch and they took a mile and it's gotten out of hand at an alarming rate. Couple that with so many publishers, in addition to EA, making recent statements about capitalizing on "extra revenue streams" in all their future games and the storm clouds on the horizon are very dark indeed for the future of gaming. I am all for capitalism, companies making a reasonable profit, exploring new markets and ways to make money, but at the end of the day if game developers' and publishers' customers don't feel they are getting a good value, they will run themselves out of business. And that's really the heart of the issue is they want to take away the value and instead are going with schemes that before were only seen in crappy mobile phone games.

rainslacker44d ago

Spot on. GaaS is nothing new. MS just found a fancy new name for it.

Most gamers actually recognized it as a business model we've been complaining about since last gen.

But, as you say, not all implementations of GaaS are bad. Some are readily accepted. What I see some people doing is trying to equate the stuff we've complaining about as the same thing as those models that are generally accepted because of how they're implemented.

Rachel_Alucard46d ago

What they say isn't what actually happens. Games as a service in a F2P mmo is them focusing all their work on the cash shop and barely touching the main game for example. In a typical $60 title most people want a one and done deal with buying it. Companies want more revenue out of each title then in the past and the only to do that is with recurring payments from its playerbase. Lootboxes are just a way for everyone to be able to get the same stuff however it causes massive grinding to occur that wasn't in previous games. You end up doing the same shit over and over for bare minimum returns.

rainslacker44d ago

Loot boxes are one way to make money in a GaaS game. They aren't GaaS in and of themselves. GaaS is a game that uses various game play and delivery designs to keep a player engaged in playing for the long term, usually with a rather profitable revenue stream attached through MT, subscriptions, or paid DLC. The money part isn't really required, but often necessary to keep development going.

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bigmalky46d ago

Fuck off, industry shill. No clicks for you.

GideoVames45d ago

Nope. Not indusrty shill. If you read my previous article about Battlefront, you'll see that I actively encourage people not to buy it. I would suggest reading the article before you cast judgment.

bigmalky45d ago

Then don't use clickbait headlines. I don't read articles like this, I respond to the headline itself.

Why should the headline be the polar opposite of your actual thoughts? This is why I hate journalism these days.

opinionated46d ago

Yeah, EA is the reason they are involved... 🙄