Pocket Gamer: 4 in a Wheel Review

One of the core contradictions at the heart of the mobile games scene is that social multiplayer gaming has never really taken off, even though the platform itself is arguably a more inherently social device than any games console. Y'know, 'cos it's a phone. Getting a connected game to function properly over 400+ devices is a job of fairly nightmarish proportions, and implementing something like Bluetooth multiplayer is just as bad, especially considering the limited budgets most mobile games are made under.

Failing this, the archaic practice of passing a handset between friends is currently still the most sensible method of getting two players in on a single game. What better source material for a game like this could there be than Connect 4? 4 in a Wheel is a sea shanty-ing, rum-swilling pirate-themed version of that classic game.

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