Microsoft Vs Sony Studios, It's a Big Difference

Agheil writes - "Fellowgamers, for most it's obvious that Sony takes the cake when it comes to first party studios but I wasn’t really sure how big of a difference it was, then i found out.

It’s big."

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Woolly_11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Ok there's no contest in terms of the volume of content. . .

There's no debating that. .

Sony's always had the statistics.

electricbanshi11d ago

How so? It clear that there is a big difference

JaguarEvolved11d ago

PlayStation domination when it comes to game studios of quality and quantity

freshslicepizza10d ago

Microsoft has a lot of catching up to do and part of their problem isn't just the amount but regionally.

indysurfn9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

There is a hugh difference. Plus Microsoft has a attitude. They are seeing SERVICES as the future. When I see single word Services, I see multiple words being hidden. In fact I see the PHRASE: RENT TO NEVER OWN.

They envision OFFICE 365, instead of charging you 199 to own a new version of office every 6 or more years they charge you 119 every single year. $$$$

Felsager9d ago

Obviously, suffice to mention the library of exclusive games such as Horizon Zero Down among many others.

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electricbanshi11d ago

that was some quick editing haha

Woolly_11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

lol :D

I have to pick my battles.... There's no winning in this case.

Why don't we compare them to Nintendo? ;)

firelens11d ago

@Wolly Nintendo has a great list of first party Ips but in recent years they have been using them well. Wheres the ext metroid prime??

Agheil11d ago

Now I’m curious what the original comment was haha

Woolly_11d ago (Edited 11d ago )


I said,

"I would argue otherwise"

:D . .


Nintendo keeps putting out the highest rated games almost every_gen without third_party assistance...More frequently too. They re_invent their IPs almost every time. In my opinion, they're the 'exclusives king' considering they don't have as many partnerships as Sony does.. Especially when you dive into the quality of the software. . . some of the oldest IPs still kicking ass today.

Agheil11d ago

@Wolly haha you could’ve left that up if you felt that way. It’s good to have both sides. :)

AspiringProGenji11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Nintendo is known for its legacy with its IPs, while Sony has also legendary titles in its portfolio but unlike Nintendo they bring more new ips every Gen. Nintendo has Quality, and Sony has Quality and quantity

UltraNova10d ago (Edited 10d ago )


Nintendo recycle's the same IPs for decades (in the most refreshing and surprising way, each.and every time...) and rarely puts out a new IP, while Sony creates new IPs every single gen while having their own staples like GT/GoW/Uncharted + they pump out more games in general.

Realms10d ago

@ Woolly

How old is Nintendo vs Sony? How many Ip's are dormant or forgotten by Nintendo? How many new Ip's has Nintendo introduced lately? Yes Nintendo makes great games but let's be clear they aren't reinventing the wheel and have dug into that well way too many times. There was a time when Nintendo was king that time has long past they have made many mistakes too many to count the Switch had to succeed or Nintendo would have been in serious trouble maybe not financially but the consumer would have been very weary of their future consoles.

thisismyaccount9d ago

Nintendo is like Microsoft .. both regurgitated the same ip for over two decades or more. Difference being that Nintendo IPs are more fun (at least to me). SO i dont mind them milking Marios Tits for another 20 years ... Zelda though i hope they jump off the Skyrim Wagon and make Zelda great again (2D style >> 3D)

Theknightofnights9d ago (Edited 9d ago )


I just know I'm going to get disagreed for this, but here it goes.

Sony doesn't put out more games than Nintendo does. For first party releases we have I think 7 games from Sony this year (Horizon, Uncharted LL, Knack 2, GTS, Gravity Rush 2, Drawn to Death, and LocoRoco 1&2) note: I consolidated LocoRoco 1 and 2

Nintendo has produced 10 releases (Zelda: BotW, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, Mario Party Top 100, Splatoon 2, 1-2 Switch, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Kirby TC/BR/BB, Miitopia, and Arms) note: I consolidated all 3 kirby releases

Just so you know, I only listed first party. I didn't list any second party, or games that were published by Sony/Nintendo but were made by third party developers (unless I made a mistake somewhere). I've calculated it out, and even if we included second party + published third party for both publishers Nintendo still released more games than Sony did.

That being said I'm fully willing to admit Sony makes more IP's every generation than Nintendo does (by a lot). However, Nintendo does create quite a bit more new IP's every generation than people typically know; such as Geist, Eternal Darkness, Pikmin, Xenoblade, Pandora's Tower, Legend of Starfy etc. Wii U had the least amount of new IP's of any Nintendo system before it. Even the Switch has already surpassed it in number of new IP's.

Felsager9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I saw it. His editing was fast.

Electricbanshi, Woolly_ went full xbot retard with his comment and got down voted to no end for being a clueless dumbass. I hope he learns from his mistakes.

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UCForce11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Very cocky, aren’t ya ? Sony First Party Studios have a history about taking risk from small to big. Nintendo First Party Studio better than MS First Party, but Nintendo and MS do prefer safer route meaning they are both looking for big hit. Sony First Party Studio take a risk from left and right and they do lost of money because the risk. But they dare to face a new challenge. Like I said, Sony do go both way. Big and small.

indysurfn9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I agree with most of that except. Nintendo takes LOTS of big risks. First major female action hero. You guessed it Metroid PRIME'S Samus!

Nintendo Safe? Come on. Mario RABbIds not safe.
Splatoon not safe.

In fact outside of Mario, zelda most of Nintedo's top games was all over the top risks.
They don't seem like it now because they grew on us.

Even their hardware is taking risks not safe.

yumi7610d ago

Volume and quality. Sony has not only had more games their games have a higher average rating.

Godmars29010d ago

"Sony's always had the statistics."

And the games. Don't forget the games.

freshslicepizza10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

They both have games. All the attention here seems to be on the half dozen or so that people focus on every year that grab the headlines. It's actually a small fraction of the amount of games they both get overall each year.

It really is amazing how much time and effort some put into these titles to argue all day and every day why they support Sony over Microsoft. Meanwhile these titles are just bait because in reality we have years and years of built up resentment people can't let go of or move forward from. That is really the reason why discussions remain at a standstill. Can you believe we still have people bringing up old baggage like RRoD?

Sure it's just about the games.

AmUnRa10d ago

You are talking to Woolly, he is a well knowed Xboxfanboy, he will try to playdown Sony on a daily basis. So take his comments with a boatload of salt😉

sizeofyou10d ago

They don't both have 'unique' games (or if you want 'exclusives'). That's they key difference. PS plays virtually everything that the XB does BUT has a huge array of first party titles across multiple genres. Only until 4 weeks back did it also have the best third party titles too but probably not until PS5 now. However, it STILL plays all those 3rd party titles very competently. Exclusives may not sell as well as CODs and FIFAs but they still sell well enough to make a large profit. There's a huge following for a lot of exclusives - just because the sales numbers aren't up their with the regurgitated sequels all the time...

That's fact - not hatred.

I've got an X and like the handful of titles I've got. Sincerely hope MS HAVE got plans for 2018/19/20. But no way would I lose my Pro with the release schedule that Sony have...

CoinOrc10d ago

I have no idea what you are talking about. It’s a fact that Sony releases more games and higher quality games than MS. Whether or not some of those are “bait” is irrelevant. They might be “bait” to you but not to others.

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Dark_Knightmare210d ago

Ill just refer you to metacritics study like I always do with fanboys especially Nintendo ones that shows over the last twenty years Sony has released the most highly rated exclusives compared to the other companies with "beloved" Nintendo coming in second and ms in a distant third

Cyborgg10d ago

I need some water. It's no comparison

Professor_K10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Microsoft could easily make all for its problems go away if it just made all of its 3rd party and 1st party games TRUE XBOX ONLY XCLUSIVES . Not only that but they need to buy their closest 3rd party studios rather than letting them pass by and go only to be bought by a Shitty company like EA i.e bioware, respawn.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Xbox - Inflatable Raft

PlayStation - Cruise Liner

showtimefolks10d ago

its not just the 1st party studios anymore you have to look at all the 2nd party partnerships they have. Insomniac is a 2nd party studio, david cage is working with sony under 2nd party partnerships than you have so many japanese partners

many of current 1st party studios use to be 2nd party such as sucker punch. I see sony investing even more heavily moving forward because of how much sony has been making from playstation. One publisher to keep an eye on is Capcom(they have been having finical issues and according to some country laws in japan only a japanese company can buy another japanese company, forgive me if i am wrong but i read something like that a while back)

i think sony will make another run at insomniac
i think if Detroit become human is received well sony will try to buy qd
and one smaller yet underrated developer bluepoint games could be next

Alek839d ago

Sony is light years ahead of Microsoft in quantity of titles, most are of excellent quality too, but Microsoft has an agreement that tries to prevent rush job cash grab games, and Sony does not. said a while back that getting a game (Skyforge) on a Microsoft platform was a lot harder than doing it with Sony. The biggest caveat was that Microsoft had them sign a legal document that guaranteed the game remain on the Microsoft platform for at least a year, or not get released at all. Sony doesn't have anything like that, which is great for indie publishers and small companies, but terrible for their consumers because getting refunds for something that went belly up is virtually impossible. Case and point: Marvel heroes Omega.

rainslacker9d ago

Sony and MS have pretty much the same compliance standards as one another. The only thing I recall of any kind of curation of "cash grab" was from Sony itself, with that game a couple months ago that advertised an quick and easy platinum. They were forced to take it down, because it didn't meet their compliance standards.

As far as I'm aware, MS did away with the one year exclusive requirement, and that was from last gen.

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electricbanshi11d ago

I've known for a while that Sony studios a jump and a skip ahead of microsoft studios.

rollerdisc11d ago

Jump and skip ahead? haha maybe i just havent heard that phrase before

Agheil11d ago

Yeah, micirost needs to catch up.

AmUnRa10d ago

Sony studios "jumpt and skip ahead of Microsoft studios" in the days of the PS3.
Now with the PS4 the Sony studios are killing Microsoft studios with great AAA GAMES and new IP's. Thats the true.

rollerdisc11d ago

That though was long loool you made it clear. But yeah, sony hands down.

Agheil11d ago

The list was So it’s crystal clear haha.

Emily_9d ago

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firelens11d ago

Sony has a great line up but I need Halo in my life...

Agheil11d ago

I respect that, I had a time where Halo was a big part of my gaming life.

jznrpg10d ago

Halo was cool back in the day but it is now combat devolved

Geeeebeeee10d ago

yeah i can respect that. Halo is not my cup of tea, personally i prefer gears.
gears, halo, forza are certainly top quality games from ms studios.

xX-oldboy-Xx9d ago

haven't Forza sales dropped for each numbered instalment?

Enjoigamin10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Halo is still the best multiplayer game to date. Still constant updates for new content. Halo still runs MLG still one of competitive console games to date....but I don't expect haters to understand...still wish my ps4 had a multiplayer game like halo....but starting to believe that'll never happen. But the Exclusives on the ps4 are still a millions buck to me Xbox needs to step up in that department.

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ZehnDrachen11d ago

Sony FTW. Their studios are simply better than Microsoft's, and there isn't anything really wrong with that It's just how it is.

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Zeref9d ago

One thing ia clear though, Turn 10 > Polyphony.