Are Micro-Transactions And Loot Boxes Just Corporate Greed?

Stuart McLean writes about the possible reasoning behind microtransactions and loot boxes in video games.  It couldn’t just be greed…could it?

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380d ago
NordicRainy380d ago

Obviously. They do nothing for the consumers besides trying to take more of their money. They make the game experience itself worse, not better,

380d ago
Tanseeker379d ago

... Especially if we remember the weapon boxes in Borderlands. You opened chests for legendary weapons and they were giving away the keys online all the time. They didn't sell them for a few bucks like they would nowadays.

InTheZoneAC379d ago

we shall see how B3 goes...

UltraNova379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

Those were the days legendary loot for all...

B3 will have MTs for sure since this game is prime real-estate for them. I mean are we really discussing this in 2017/18?

Mikelarry380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

EA recently said that turning off microtransactions wont affect thier profits so please tell me what that indicates if not GREED

Gamers wont have issues if they weren't trying to shoe horn this in their premium games or even games that would be better off without them, I mean how hard is it to keep microtransactions only for n f2p games

zerocarnage379d ago

That says alot if they have openly said it won't affect there profits, it's sad this generation is with publishers and developers money whoring at every turn..

Aenea379d ago

If it doesn't affect their profits that would mean nobody was buying them wouldn't it?

It's a blatant PR lie that it doesn't affect their profits! Of course it does! Anyone believing it wouldn't is crazy!

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The story is too old to be commented.