Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Review | Resident Entertainment

"Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is a mixed experience, with a lot of great points in its favour, but a few negatives which keep it from being a truly great game to play. It’s a big improvement on the first title, but still could be much more" -Bryan Weatherall (Resident Entertainment)

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349d ago
Immorals349d ago

7 is generous, even when you forget the awful microtransactions.

Game has rushed for the movie written all over it

GamesMaster1982349d ago

Got this given from my sister as it came with their new ps4 but theyy already have the game. Think i might sell it and put the money towards a proper game.

Mexxan349d ago

Don't be a sheep. It's really good game.

Tanseeker348d ago

Suss Leutin09 on YouTube. Man... His review makes this game seem abysmal compared to Battlefield.

Even if you really do like the game his review is entertaining. Hearing a smart dude tear into it is kinda funny.

GamesMaster1982348d ago

Nah i will play it but only for the single player story mode as i have no interest in the slightest in any multiplayer game. But the story mode does look decent.