Sales updates for Wonder Boy, SteamWorld Dig 2 and Cat Quest + a brief extrapolation

During the past week, different indipendent developers have released more detailed informations about their own games’ sales, and they deserve a deeper look, due to what they can tell us about Nintendo’s own storefront as a whole. Time to start the engine of the analysis machine!

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thesoftware730348d ago

Impressive. That is why the claim of people only buying Nintendo games makes no sense.

Skyrim for the Switch has been in the top 3 best seller list on the eshop since its release.

kevnb348d ago

its because the nintendo first party games often sell 10 million plus copies, that sort of overshadows other games.

thesoftware730348d ago

While that is true, every game does not have to sell 10mill to be a success.

Besides the huge 3rd party games on Xbox and PlayStation(ie. Call of duty, Gta..ect) it's not unusual for 1st party games to be the top sellers.

I would like to see the same games released on the switch with all features intact and on the same day..i believe people would be surprised how much Nintendo gamers like...good games..not 1/2 asses ports. I know hardware impacts some of the gimped games on Nintendo platforms but graphics come second to all features being intact.

kevnb348d ago

Call of duty might not sell, but I bet gta v would sell like crazy on switch.

Testfire348d ago

The Switch is attracting many gamers like myself that have not bought Nintendo systems from a long time. I've already bought like 15 games (retail and digital) and I have many more lined up. The portability aspect in many cases has me choosing to buy the Switch version.

thesoftware730348d ago might be right, but I do think the popularity of the switch is a whole different beast than the Wii or Wii another shot at call of duty may surprise, portability, with a soupped up last gen CoD engine and they could pull off 60fps with nice graphics..its like 3ds with proper it has a chance.

@Test, exactly..3 more devs just came out and said their games have sold more on the Switch than on steam, ps4 and Xbox. I can see this trend continuing, not being tethered to the t.v is huge..some people say they don't care for it but being able to play anywhere combined with the great form factor of the system is a huge deal.

348d ago