Star Citizen Could Get Another Carrier; Shoots Through 171 Million Dollars in Funding

Few starships are more fascinating than space carriers. Since the time of the TCS Tiger's Claw in Wing Commander.

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doritos347d ago

This has to be the biggest money sucking scam in history. On the level Madoff and Enron. I am so glad that I didn't donate. .

OMGitzThatGuy347d ago

If you didn't donate then you shouldn't comment on it. The people who paid knew it was a crowdfund and it would take time and I see more people who didn't contribute complain more than those that did. It's not a damn scam if they show active development and always showing new shit.

Ikenda347d ago

People have a right to comment on what they see even if they didn't pay up. I paid 35 dollars and downloaded the version they have for download and regret it immediately cause if that s*it took them so many years this game will be playble at 3018... If ever... I hope for the sake of all the backers money that I'm wrong but there is one thing I'm definitely not wrong about... This thing is so bloaded that is destined to be a disappointment...

Bobafret347d ago

I donated and must say that what's there isn't all that promising. This may not be a scam but I feel like these devs bit off way more than they can chew and won't be able to deliver.

Lockdown555341d ago

@Ikenda you need to do your homework better than. They tell you exactly what you're getting currently with your $35 and it's not hard to do a little research to figure out where the game is currently. That's why I have yet to give any money to them and jump in. However, In about a month the live Alpha 3.0 is likely to launch and I can almost guarantee that you won't regret your purchase after that. They are completely transparent about what they are doing and how they are going about it.

347d ago
kevnb347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

That’s yet to be determined, many games have had comparable budgets with multiple delays... some good and some bad. There hasn’t been a crowd funded game at this level yet, I’ll wait and see how it turns out before spending a cent.

Ikenda347d ago

Sorry Star Citizen i prefer to give my money to Elite: Dangerous. I'll even buy some paint jobs for my Python to support the devs a bit more. Why? Because they gave me something to play. That's why we call them video games and not video videos. I can watch syfy videos on youtube for free...

TekoIie347d ago

"Why? Because they gave me something to play. That's why we call them video games and not video videos. I can watch syfy videos on youtube for free..."

You realise you can play Star Citizen dont you??? You cannot have made that comment and genuinely not realised that the game is actually playable right now.

Ikenda347d ago

I played it my friend. Have you? You call going around in empty space stations and empty space with nothing to do playble? There is nothing to see or do in there except some pretty graphics. This is a video from my channel of me "playing" the game on Android with remote play for proof...

TekoIie347d ago


Are you actually going to try and pass that video as the entirety of the alpha? Are you really going to be that dishonest?

bluefox755347d ago

This isn't a game, it's a reality show. A very, very expensive reality show.

pingthing347d ago

Was super stoked to pledge to the original Kickstarter, however I always wonder how much they would have recieved in crowdfunding if they had been honest back then and said 'look guys, we're building a game, it'll be ready in about 7 years time, and their isn't a pc currently available that is capable of running the release build even at low settings'....

Lockdown555341d ago

I wonder if they knew how long such a massive undertaking would take. My guess is they didn't. It's not dishonest to tell people that you're going to make something that has never been done before and do your best to do so in a timely manner only to find out that it's going to take a lot longer than you thought. I'm sure they didn't want to spend this long getting the ground work for the game done but the reality is it took them a very long time but they are now in a position where that ground work has been laid and they can really start expanding on it in the game.

Felsager347d ago

"there is one thing I'm definitely not wrong about... This thing is so bloated that is destined to be a disappointment..."

Agree 100%

"This isn't a game, it's a reality show. A very, very expensive reality show."

Agree 100%

Games should provide a finite build and a logical extension. Extending too much can bring a full game into disarray. This could turn into a biblical scam reaching the proportions of Madoff and Enron. The reason is quite simple, there is no compromise of a date and full delivery of a product. This is a constant sum of features, show offs and self palming in the back without a coherent concrete result.

The credibility of this project is in a true upheaval of skepticism and doubt. The legitimacy of it is in a downhill of many mysteries and unanswered questions. This can turn out into the biggest scam of the decade. Bliss is a terrible form of scam too. I want to see a good game but right now what I see is a big illusion of a fragmented overambitious project who tries to be the jack of all trade, master of none.

Bobafret347d ago

If this were under development under a major publisher it would have been scrapped a long time ago.

_-EDMIX-_347d ago

That's kind of the point of them using crowdsourcing.

If this was under a big third party publisher you would have never even seen these type of features implemented instead you would have saw the game Dumb down to release on multiple platforms all at once rushed on finished and with a bare minimum of features.

Lockdown555341d ago

Which is why no game developer has ever had the balls to try something like this...

Lockdown555341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

"without a coherent concrete result"... What do you call the public Alpha 3.0 that is currently under testing and can be seen all across youtube for the last few weeks? The Alpha that is feature locked and working closely to becoming an open public Alpha for all backers? The very same Alpha that has at least 70% of the games plethora of features included and playable? That seems pretty concrete to me. It's always funny to me that people claim to know how to make a video game of this scope when nobody ever has and especially not through crowdfunding. Most games with this large of a budget get floated around and worked upon for many years before actually being taken on completely by a team. That all occurs in the background and then it's even more years after that before the general public hears about the game. Never before has a game with this kind of budget and scope been created entirely from it's inception with the public eye watching every step of the way. Any comparison or attempt to explain how a game like this should be made are completely mute. This is literally a massive experiment. Can a company with no financial backing initially pitch an idea, receive that funding, and then actually develop a game this large while the entire world is watching every step of the way. No company has had to do this. I'm sure Chris Roberts wished he could have developed this for many years before showing it to the world but the fact of the matter is he needed the funding which required him to show the world his idea when it was still in it's infancy. Since then he has been nothing but honest and open. More open and transparent than any other game developer out there. And yet that seems to make people hate Star Citizen and distrust it. It's the sad irony of the situation.

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