PlayStation Plus vs. Games With Gold – Which Is Better? December 2017 Edition

"Sony and Microsoft have both revealed their free game lineups for December. Which one is offering the better value?"

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13d ago
Geeeebeeee12d ago

actually depends on with region's ps plus we talking about.
ps plus Asia's December free games are rachet n clank(ps4), knack(ps4), the last blade (ps4 vita), dungeon punks (ps4 vita), bioshock (ps3), until dawn rush of blood (PSVR)....

hands down ps plus (asia)

welly30012d ago

Its only good value if you like whats on offer. Id say ive played about 6 games on plus this year. Id prefer if we just payed for online and lose the games, pay around the £20 mark for the subs