No Yakuza Announcements at PlayStation Experience, but 2018 Will be a "Great Year" for the Series

PlayStation Experience has always been home to Yakuza announcements, but this year will break the tradition. Yet, there might be more to come.

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Platinum_Fan291d ago

I am defiantly getting Yakuza 6 and Kiwami 2. I'd love to get a confirmation of Hokuto Ga Gotoku western release and a release western of Ishin of course.

Abriael291d ago

I have lost hope for Ishin looong ago. That was probably just a joke. I doubt it'll ever come.

TheColbertinator291d ago

I'm still here wishing for Yakuza Kenzan

brando008290d ago

Funny enough, I'm in Japan right now on a trip and I caved into buying the import of Ishin. The english walkthrough is very thorough, and all of the cutscenes have subtitles on YouTube. Pachinko, batting cages, hostess clubs, etc. are all here as well.

Damthatsword290d ago

All i want is a new from software game. Bloodborne is one of the best games ever made imo.