Dear EA: Stop Undervaluing Linear Games And The People Who Play Them

EA, linear games have just called to say stop undermining their value and the players who play them! Have EA lost their understanding of their fanbase?

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maybelovehate350d ago

I am not sure they are undervaluing them. I can see it from their viewpoint. Linear Story based games tend to cost a lot of money to make and at the same time are hard to monetize. Industry as a whole is kind of moving away from linear games. What linear games did we have this year? Wolfenstein... and I can't think of any others.

Nyxus350d ago

Hard to monetize... just make a good game and it will sell. But yeah, it's easier to just make a multiplayer game and cram it full of microtransactions, while calling it a 'service' to gamers.

PapaBop349d ago

That's the disconnect between gamer and business though sadly. Just making a great game and it selling well isn't enough for the big publishers anymore, they want people to keep coming back for more. If you have say 100,000 people logging onto your game daily, why wouldn't you want them to have options in terms of spending even more money when they are invested in the experience? Sadly that's the logic of publishers today. Fortunately we still have great experiences outside of the bigger names, Persona 5 and Nier Automata being great examples of great games that sold well because they were just that good.

fenome348d ago

They've gotta pay those CEOs fat salaries somehow right? Service my ass. They don't even care about games. It's sad really, because our industry has grown so much and come so far now and see it being taken advantage of by these huge publishers dangling blank checks and empty promises.

UCForce350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

Then what ? It’s like you and other are losing faith of it. Not because the fact, it’s more like disrespecting the traditional gaming. I get it that game Industry have to move on, but they should have carry the legacy and be more idealistic and be more respectful. EA disrespect the traditional gaming and consumer at a whole. I don’t know why you defend them because EA done way worse than any publishers.

Edit : People need to be realistic but also be idealistic. Take more risks.

maybelovehate350d ago

Just being real. I still enjoy linear games, but I have to admit it is getting much harder to shell out 60 dollars for a game that will hold my attention for 3 to 5 days. I guess similar to ea I am having issues justifying the costs, value of the model.

UCForce350d ago

“Being real” ? How about being ideal for once ?

SCW1982350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

The Lost Legacy which is GOTY quality. Might not of played it though since it wasn't in 4K and therefore a weaker experience considering your past posts.

maybelovehate349d ago

It was a DLC, it wasn't a full game. But it does show that there might be ways to monetize that could work for Linear Games. Not sure how well it sold vs the cost.

SCW1982349d ago

@ maybelovehate

Ignorance is bliss. Its a full game and it took me almost 11 hrs to experience my first play through.

Nyxus349d ago

@ maybelovehate: it was a standalone expansion, and in terms of length, about the same as the first Uncharted game, but at a discounted price since launch.

RommyReigns349d ago


Chapter 9 is enough to prove you have no idea what you are talking about.

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Kyosuke_Sanada349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

Senua: Hellblade not only dispels the tired tripe of no audiences for single-player linear games but the need of having ludicrious amounts of money in their budget to look beautiful to boot. The problem is items is that were once free factors to add replayability (for the few that doesn't deliver a great experience worth diving into again) such as cheats and unlockables are now used as extra charges.

Game companies such as EA have the notion of putting lizard poop in an otherwise great PB and J sandwich then when customers choose not to partake, their logic records that PB and J are obsolete.

maybelovehate349d ago

Hellblade did awesome for an indie game, but it didn't sell close to the numbers that EA is after. I wasn't as big of a fan of it as many were, but maybe that is the future for Linear Story games. Indie passion projects.

Kyosuke_Sanada349d ago

-looks at Detroit: Beyond Human-

If you say so........

Nyxus349d ago

@ maybelovehate: the point is that as a linear game with a smaller budget, it was still profitable. It proves that not every game needs a huge and bloated budget, you can make smaller experiences as well and sell them at a lower price, like they did with Hellblade.

SolidGear3349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

Wolfenstein, Dishonored, Life is Strange, Uncharted, The Evil Within.. I could go on and on because it's all I mostly play..

xenz349d ago

I play a lot of games, and I was skimming through all my games yestersay after getting my Pro back from the workshop. And believe it or not, but the majority of games that I own are exclusively linear/open world single players. I rarely play online on PS4. Destiny didn’t do it for me. Uncharted MP was good.

Only games I play online these days are either CSGO or World of Warcraft on my computer.

My absolute favourite type of games are linear, story driven games. I think many others feel the same way as I do.

rainslacker349d ago

There are plenty of people that still enjoy linear/SP games. It's just that these companies want to chase after the market which can have an ongoing revenue stream, which is less risky as it's cheaper to develop for.

Dragonscale349d ago

Full price games should'nt need to be 'monetised' fgs.

kevinsheeks349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

but than how would they add another space onto their mansions? how would they pay for their private jets? excuse me their other private jet.

johnramus349d ago

This has to be the most stupidest comment I have ever seen. Are you from EA?

TheVetOfGaming349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

Haha - you could be one of the biggest failures on here. Some might say that you could actually be THE biggest loser on here. No joke, you fucking degenerate hole. Go buy some EA stock, you fucking gimp. All you ever do is go against what gaming actually needs. You make excuses and write about it in the way a snake makes friends... In other words, you are a shady loser.

Edit: I know I'm gonna get banned, so here's a link on how to make $5,780 a month just by creating digital boxes filled with garbage.

LandoCalrissiano349d ago

What about quantum break? That game was amazing yet everyone shit on it because it was too linear.

Strafe349d ago

'and at the same time are hard to monetize.'

Fuck off.

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Lennoxb63350d ago

Multiplayer games make more money, but that doesn't mean there isn't a market for single player games. Closing down Visceral was a bad decision.

Liqu1d350d ago

They don't always. Look at Lawbreakers, Battleborn, Evolve for example.

Lennoxb63350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

Multiplayer games make more money on a more consistent basis than Single player games. For every 1 single player success, there's like 3 multiplayer successes. For mp its less complicated. As long as the gameplay is solid and the graphics are acceptable, it has the possibility of being a hit. For sp, you need to hit many notes. Story, dialogue, lore, characters, all on top of having great graphics and good gameplay.

Last_Boss349d ago

Both of you are 100% correct.

Specter229349d ago

@Lennoxb63 so many disagrees

derkasan350d ago

I remember when they put microtransactions into Dead Space 3...a linear game. Shame they're throwing the baby out with the bathwater here.

SolidGear3349d ago

I enjoyed Dead Space 3 but I'll even admit they made a ton of mistakes on that game. The worst to me was the gun crafting system. Did not like that at all. Then the real ending being behind paid dlc. Lastly the fact that there were 3 story missions that required co-op.

strayanalog350d ago

Linear games are fine. Always will be. EA just lost the ability to make a good one and made up a reason to be lazy with microtransactions since it's easy money.‎

quent349d ago

Maximizing profit with the least amount of effort required is what EA stands for and lootboxes fit those ideals perfectly for them.

We already know what to do to change those ideals

rainslacker349d ago

I don't really care if they want to do that. Just means I won't buy those products which means I won't get into the MT. I will speak out against such things though, because I've watched the slippery slope that I talked about over a decade ago become a lot worse than I ever thought it would be.

But, I'd prefer if EA would stop talking sh*t about linear or SP games. If they don't want to cater to the market, that's fine. It's their investment money. But I'm tired of this narrative that EA has been trying to spin since last gen that tries to make it seem like traditional gaming enjoyed by millions is somehow less important than the boom of MP gaming that we've seen since then.

What's screwed up is that the boom of MP didn't diminish the SP sales, and as a whole, SP games have seen an increase in sales overall since gaming software as a whole has gone up since last gen.

When EA talks about this stuff, it's always trying to push a narrative, or try to instill confidence in the investors. It's never about any actual imperical data that suggests that SP gaming is on the decline, or that people don't care about them anymore. This notion that SP is on the way out in place of MP is just not true, and likely won't ever be true. Gaming is just filled with too many introverts, and there are just way too many people that enjoy a good game with a good story to make the market disappear without an effort by the industry to just not make them anymore. But if some publishers leave, it just means those that actually care about making such games will just sell more, because there will be less competition. I'd rather something like Nier sell more over EA's latest attempt with Mass Effect, which sold on it's name(although still failed commercially), and EA can go make their next MP game while Square Enix reaps the benefits of providing for various markets that exist.

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