TGS 2008: Sonic Unleashed Hands-On

Destructoid got hands-on with Sonic Unleashed at the Tokyo Game Show 2008. Their impressions are quite positive.

"There is no telling if the amount of polish applied to the ones presented has been spread across the entire game with equal generosity. What I can tell you now, however, is that if Sonic Unleashed is able to keep up the unimaginative but fun gameplay I got to experience, we are about to see a console Sonic game that does not suck."

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Vespertine3447d ago

I think this is great news.
He likes the Were-Sonic parts? That's a huge surprise, many people thought the night time stages would be the downfall of Sonic Unleashed.

nieto23447d ago

so may game that i want to play right now!!! i can't wait!