DayZ Beta and Console Versions Coming Next Year

After being in Early Access for 4 long years, DayZ is all set to make its Beta debut next year, along with its console versions.

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equal_youth200d ago

I believe it when i see it.

sprinterboy200d ago

I kinda of think it's too little to late, I'm sure it will be a great game but gamers have just moved on by this zombie stuff imo

Sam Fisher200d ago

I want to see it happen, they promised a console ver, as well as h1z1, that game bothers me bc sony is on top of that one

XisThatKid199d ago

Sony doesn't own daybreak games the people who make H1Z1

TheSaint199d ago

I get what you're saying but I'm still interested.

KillBill199d ago

Unfortunately, zombie stuff just sticks around forever even after you think it has died once already. ;)

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Cyro200d ago

Is there even a point? It's basically a battle royal game with zombies thrown in which aren't even threatening. DayZ had it's chance long ago.

ocelot07200d ago

Not really it's a survival game like Ark. There is no winner.

Tango_911200d ago

That's the thing it is actually unique in its own right. No other game quite provides the same experience as DayZ. Whether you enjoy it is another matter.

Yohshida199d ago

It has a battle royale mod but the base game is zombie survival aka kill other people on a huge ass map while camping

Cyro199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

It plays the same though the last time I played it. Run around looting and killing pretty much everyone on site unless you meet friendly players. I just remembered there isn't a winner so I don't even see the appeal. To me it doesn't seem like it even does zombie survival right. A lot of the game is just camping, killing, looting. Rinse and repeat. I guess there actually people who still play DayZ but I can't see myself going back and playing it.

Yohshida199d ago

The hype has died down, they were just too slow releasing big Patches:

Yohshida199d ago

barely played these days, cant believe the game is still this unfinished

Araragifeels 199d ago

Liar! Every year the same statement but never released.

georeo199d ago

Is this still played on pc?

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The story is too old to be commented.