MTV Multiplayer: What I Like (And Don't Like) About The 'New Xbox Experience'

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"In a little over a month, the old Xbox 360 dashboard disappears, replaced by a completely revamped, rethought dashboard dubbed the "New Xbox Experience."

I went hands-on with the new dashboard a few weeks ago in a hotel suite in San Francisco. As someone who has become increasingly annoyed at the current dashboard - I've completely switched to the less cluttered PlayStation Store for downloading demos and videos - my expectations for the new dashboard were high.

And you know what? Microsoft more or less nailed it. Here's what I like (and don't like) about the changes coming down the pipe on November 19."

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CEO of Troll Corp3543d ago

I dont like the new xbox experience

outlawlife3543d ago

this is the first i've seen anywhere say about it being fully server based and patchless, interesting