Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Wants Games to Bring People Together; Feels They're a "Very Special Art Form"

Microsoft's Xbox Division head Phil Spencer talks about the importance of gaming as an art form that brings people together.

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PhoenixUp11d ago

Gaming will always be an art form

Geeeebeeee10d ago

not always... don't believe me? just let EA get their slimy hands on it

threefootwang10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Why does this article look like it was written by a 12 year old?

It's an OK read, but seriously, fix the obvious mistakes.

spreadlove10d ago

It fits the n4g community quite well, and is disproportionately of quality content on the scale.

Eonjay10d ago

Have some respect for the community. N4G users aren't stupid and we can write. In fact, we often have better points and debates than the articles we fight about. Why are you here if you have such a low opinion of us?

bluefox75510d ago

@spread That is rich coming from you.

spreadlove9d ago


That is your problem right there. People here think their amateur stuff is good and have better points. The content here is pure clickbait and the people here are pure toxicity. Look at the comments around here.

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rainslacker10d ago

Now let's see how they monetize it into a service.

Zero_Suit_Samus10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

“Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Wants Games to Bring People Together; Feels They're a "Very Special Art Form"

You mean GaaS is an art form? Until you drop that as you plans going forward I can’t take anything you say seriously. Gamers don’t want that crap.

rainslacker10d ago

Realistically there is nothing that says that art can't also be a commercial venture.

I do believe that gaming is a special kind of art, just like movies, books, or music can be.

I really don't disagree with the quote, I just don't really feel MS looks at games as art, but rather as a commercial venture, and they forgo the art of creating great games to focus on ways to make more money. It's one thing to shape the art to suit the audience, quite another to bastardize one's artistic vision to try and make more money off that art in the form of supplemental purchases or services.

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chrisx11d ago

Gaming since the beginning has always been a special art form that brought people together. this is pretty much a case of stating the obvious.

Deep-throat10d ago

Mr. Negative.

Always negative!

UCForce10d ago

And you are always predictable and disrespectful to be honest.

DrumBeat10d ago

I would argue that gaming started off with quite the negative stigma. Seen as a hobby for pariahs, delinquents, the non-athletic and dropouts. It's always been an art form sure, but it's come a long way to being universally (for the most part) accepted.

XiNatsuDragnel10d ago

Gaming has always been an art form

10d ago
Ristul10d ago

At least he considers games to be art, thats something.

Aenea10d ago

Gaming isn't an art form, games are...

Sam Fisher10d ago

...A new form of gambling considering how he these companies going about with their games

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