TheSixthAxis Review Linger In Shadows

TheSixthAxis: "We're probably victims of our own hype here, but this a) should have been free and b) much, much better. There was huge scope for something here, but we can't help shake the feeling that SCEE got involved at the wrong stage and changed what could have been an impressive technical example of the PS3's graphics muscle into a rudimentary, almost insultingly basic joystick tester."

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ChefDejon3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )


TheHater3424d ago

I think you just pwned them

Deviant3424d ago

xbox version confirmed.

Johnny Rotten3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

did you read the FULL sentence, if not let me quote it for you:

"From shaking the controller, to tapping a button, this is barely interactive..."

BulletToothtony3424d ago

since so far there is a 8.5 review and a 3/10 review i guess i'll wait for IGN... they usually know what they're talking about, just a bit more professionals than most of those blog sites..

barom3423d ago

I don't know, I do think 5 minutes of simple entertainment is kinda short. I kinda agree that it should've been free if it's that short. Haven't played myself so I'm not gonna judge.

Seraphim3423d ago

yes, it's a 6 minute video but it actually takes longer than 6 minutes to go though. Crap, it takes more than 6 minutes to understand. For $3 I don't see how anyone can complain. I ran through it for the past 20-30 minutes (two modes, Linger & Watch) and had fun with it. To boot I got a few trophies. For $2.99 it was well worth it. Had Linger cost twice that I'd be questioning Sony, but for $3, come on. Had this been an arcade game back in the day you'd have sunk twice that into it just trying to figure out what you're suppose to be doing... Anyway It's something unique to say the least but imho it's worth the 12 quarters to check out...

Sarcasm3423d ago

"xbox version confirmed. "

Developed by Sony Santa Monica

Yeah, confirmed!!!

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belal3424d ago

yeah chef haha you just pwned the :D

sinncross3424d ago

wow, he got so worked up over that... what bloody hype? we all knew it was going to be a little tech demo of sorts.

Area_513424d ago

$2.99 to boost my trophy level!t I'll shake and poke "A" you can't beat it!!

SHOOK19043424d ago

i was really looking forward to this .... sux.. but its only 3 bucks...

ALSO they were misquoted and taken out of context

"From shaking the controller, to tapping a button, this is barely interactive, and when you do gain some semblance of movement it’s usually nothing more than something rotating or a light flashing on and off that opens up the next area of the demo."


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