GameSpot TGS 2008: Final Fantasy Agito XIII Trailer Impressions

GameSpot writes: "More CGI goodness was on display today at Square Enix's remarkably dark Mega Theater on the TGS show floor. All three Final Fantasy XIII games were represented by trailers, including the PSP iteration, Final Fantasy Agito XIII. The trailer was remarkably similar to the one we'd already seen earlier this year, but in case we missed a detail or two, we thought we'd bring you a quick look at yet another promising game in the famed Final Fantasy series."

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TheColbertinator3426d ago

Argh! Why is Square doing this? Just show the freaking trailer of Agito XIII.Its been years and I have no idea how the game is in motion

TheColbertinator3426d ago

I have met so many people who think this game is still cellphone only.SE needs to get the word out that its now a PSP game.If they dont build up hype they will lose customers and money.Then they might blame it on the PSP piracy or some other BS