25 Great Japanese Games That Never Made It to the U.S.

If you live in North America, you've missed out on quite a few Japanese classics that never made it your side of the pond.

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specialguest139d ago

You could play some of those SNES JRPG like Bahamut Lagoon and Secret of Mana 2 on emulator with an English translation patch for quite some time now

Fullmetalevolust139d ago

Wish Sega would release Dragon Force and the Shining Force series in HD. I'd buy day one.
They barely released a couple of Saturn titles last gen, they should let Atlus do it. Such great dormant IP's.

Fist4achin139d ago

That would be badass! Sega has a ton of classics to dig from that would do well.

quent139d ago

Mother 3 is on its way, also heard rumors of a 4th

KiRBY3000138d ago

There is a fan translation for Mother 3, from what I heard it is top quality.

Mother 4 is an unofficial fan-game supposedly releasing sometime soon. It looks very promising and true to the series.
info here:

quent138d ago

Good to know, thanks for the info

TheColbertinator139d ago

Yakuza Kenzan and Isshin would have been cool