GameZone: Defendin' De Penguin Wii Review

Defendin' De Penguin is an introductory real-time strategy (RTS) game designed specifically to give children a taste of the genre. Crave Entertainment serves up a well-thought-out Tower Defense style RTS that is definitely geared in both context and design towards younger gamers.

The story line follows Little Blue, an energetic and feisty little penguin, who is bound and determined to stop the animals in his winter kingdom from stealing his village's fish. He stumbled across the sure fire way one day when he strikes a curious crab with a snowball and forced that crab to drop the fish. Profi Penguin, an inventor and defensive schemer, witnessed Little Blue's snowball toss and began inventing towers to harness Little Blue's techniques in fending off enemies. Little Blue is enlisted to help test out Profi's new inventions and new towers are developed throughout the course of the first map as new enemies are introduced.

Gameplay 7
Graphics 6.5
Sound 5.8
Difficulty Medium
Concept 7.2
Overall 6.9

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