1UP: Final Fantasy XIII Preview

1UP: "What's the game about? It's about a year overdue, that's what.

What's new for TGS? You know the drill by now: Every time a new trade show rolls around, Square Enix takes the original Final Fantasy XIII trailer it debuted at E3 2006, splices in a few seconds of new footage, and calls it a day. After about half a dozen iterations, the game's trailer now consists of almost entirely different footage than the debut. So, in effect, Square's managed to churn out a whopping two trailers for what is arguably its biggest and most important game ever in the space of two and half years. This time around, though, there was a fair chunk of real-time footage included! No gameplay, though -- just in-game cinemas."

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Shane Kim3420d ago

Mr. 33 cm, I know the xbutts will loooooove this character.

Lanoire3420d ago

Its getting sickening.

FF13 - release: supposedly somewhere around 2009 in Japan.
So make that 2010 for US and EU.

Length? TBA
Gameplay? TBA
Everything is fking TBA and everytime a new trailer shows up, its the same old BS with some added scenes. AND FOR THAT, they show the trailer in closed rooms.


robotnik3420d ago

yep, I'm losing interest in this game, and SE keep going with the closed theatre bullshit.

champ4203420d ago

100%, losing interest real quick in this game. So many other studios are starting to do what was thought to be only possibly done by SE in less the time they take to churn out new games, just imo.

nieto23420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

please god let this game be awesome! but man the release seems so far. ;-(

jkoz3420d ago

I don't get what the benefit is of closed theaters. The media gets to see it. Woo. What about the fanbase? Let's see something to get us psyched for the game. Bungie just announced Recon and gave us a nice teaser trailer. No doubt we'll get another in the next few months. Showing a hundred people a movie in a closed theater won't do anything for the rest of the people in the world except anger them that they're being left in the dark. I know they're trying to be all secretive but if they could at least release it to the public after a couple of days, that'd be swell. Whatever, my interest is going down in this game now too. And that's something I never thought I'd say. But you can only make a dog beg for a bone for so long before it drops dead from exhaustion.

Immortal Kaim3420d ago

I agree, though the media are initially entitled to see these things behind closed doors, it's at the point now that its beyond ridiculous. We basically know nothing about this game, how are we supposed to be hyped?

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