January 2018's Humble Monthly Might Be The Best One Yet

The Long Dark, Quantum Break and more make up the early unlocks for Humble Monthly in January 2018.

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DarkOcelet375d ago

Great month indeed. Loved both Quantum Break and the long dark when it was on early access. It's definitely one of the best months on humble bundle.

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Razzer374d ago

Got mine. Haven’t played QB yet.

Takwin374d ago

I find the service so incredibly worth it. I'm on the yearly plan and got the bonus $20 gift certificate. Because of the quantity and quality of the indies and older AAA, I find myself only buying maybe 1-2 AAA game a month, and just waiting on everything else for Humble Monthly and Humble Bundles.

Plus I got a bunch of those $40 PS+ years last week, and am now good to Dec of 2021, which means I am a crazy person probably.

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Testfire374d ago

Yeah, I'm definitely jumping on this next paycheck

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