The Best Video Game Story Of 2017 - Horizon: Zero Dawn

There have been a lot of great games released in 2017, that it's hard to choose which one has the best story.

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UCForce317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

It’s GG best work. Well, the game is written by former Fallout New Vegas Writer. The game did a great job for keeping secrets.

morganfell317d ago

They did. Even while you are in game. Just as you think you know what is going on they blindside you with a truth you didn't see coming. Love this game and its my choice for GOTY with no contenders in sight anywhere.

naruga316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

oohh man this game ...i hate so much to talk about it faults where at the end ,makes me love much waisted potential of a huge production ....Why robots ??// Why GG??.....i know the plot behind it SPOILERS__________ the AI weapon factories etcetc ......but it doesnt feel right to hunt and kill robots that resemble animals .....all the adversaries should have been organic beings and being satisfying to hunt them down (GG why not aliens like Pacific rim???)....its so damn sad to see the excellent animators and art designer to have worked on imaginary beings and have put so much work on them ...and at the end to transform all these to robot beings.....i bought the game recently and as much it hooks me with its exemplary visuals and action -hunting gameplay so much it annoyes me to see the robotic souless beings being hunted down with bow and arrow......f#$ck it whatever....... i hope next time GG have a better judgement in game concepts .....

AspiringProGenji316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

^Everything this guy writes reads like a angry man’s diahrrea

If you want people to read you stuff, calm the F down

morganfell316d ago (Edited 316d ago )


let him keep going. This game has been universally praised by gamers AND developers. It makes his criticism laughable. Their tech is amazing - the reason Kojima chose the Decima Engine for Death Stranding.


Over 100 E3 Awards and Nominations.

He is a one rambling person with an opinion that means less than nothing. The public has spoken and it obliterates anything he has to say. He isn't worth a reply.

UCForce316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

@naruga You are not helping and you always hate western gaming. That make me sick of you for good reason. I support both Eastern and Western gaming because they are very important to gaming industry. And you are breaking the balance of it. Kojima is Eastern developer is using Decima Engine aka HZD engine from Europe developer and he was impressed by their technical level.

naruga316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

@UFC i dont disagree with anything you said ...i fully agree DECIMA engine and Horizon s technical level is marvelous,superior to everything we have seen yet.....though i mtalking about the bad idea behind the concept to include robotic enemies instead of organic /biological ones (which would create a far more satisfying world to play

morganfell316d ago

Let it go UCForce, he doesn't even know that there are human enemies in the game and that one of the main boss battles is against a human. Nothing more laughable than someone talking of something about which they obviously know...nothing.

Someone who has not played the game through has zero worth saying regarding what constitutes worthwhile gameplay. And as I stated previously, it is his small opinion against millions and millions of gamers who actually played HZD and think quite the opposite.

naruga316d ago how old are you? 13? ...what didnt you understand form what i said?????/....i like the game and i can say i like it lot, more than you think) but could have been one Humongous hit with so much production and attention to detail which were given to it if all of these have been used for more satisfying ideas for main adversaries like i said before aliens , or biological types of enemies in order to create more satysfing gamepaly/or world as you hunt down the imaginary creatures ......

RommyReigns316d ago


I can't take anything you type seriously after the constant bile of trolling on Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy earlier this year, and it looks like you've been exposed here by morganfell and UCForce.

morganfell316d ago


I love how he said it could have been a hit....


And the N Sane Trilogy rocks :)

rainslacker316d ago (Edited 316d ago )


Yeah, cuz Aliens are so original. Maybe they could have been zombie's also...but not actually zombies but infected by something that just made them do what zombies do so it'd be original.

Anyhow, they choose robots. Those robots happen to be dinosaurs. Since that wasn't the major premise of the story, but was a setting for the story, why does it matter what they chose?

It doesn't feel right to hunt robotic dinosaurs? Why not? They were the advesaries. The server(can't remember the name) was the antagonist. It controlled the robots. It used the factories to make more advesaries. The animals were higher up on the proverbial food chain, and while not all of them were aggressive towards the character, they offered up something that the characters/people of the world used.

There was context, so why didn't it feel right?

Maybe you missed the part in the main story where they explained why the mainframe was creating dinosaurs.

Maybe you didn't realize the story's basis started from the premise that it's mankinds own ambition and lack of foresight that can lead to disaster. That's just as powerful as an unknown alien race, because the fall of man, and all the robotic dinosaurs were a direct result of man's own actions, which are more relatable than an alien with no seeming reasons to invade earth.

The creators didn't make all these things then transform them to robots afterwards. The robots themselves were probably some of the best art in the game. Very complex. Well realized. Highly detailed.

The robots themselves weren't soulless. They didn't really have a culture themselves, but there was a culture to the mainframe....and it was integral to the story actually as it was what Zero Dawn was all about. All the different kinds of robots had their own personality though.

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starchild316d ago

Such a great game on multiple levels. Visuals, narrative, gameplay...this game is very high quality in every major area. I loved it and would probably choose it as my game of the year too.

morganfell316d ago

I love the fact they rounded out the game...yet left open a door for a sequel. Would love to see some news at E3.

mkis007316d ago

Door? Lets call it an unlocked gate...this just scratched the surface of the questions to be answered.

SCW1982317d ago

One of the best Yarns I have experienced in the industry.

316d ago
DJStotty316d ago

Remove Xbox one and PC tags, game isn't on them platforms

Usperg316d ago

Exactly, i don't want to see 30fps Plebstation garbage on the PC section.

rainslacker316d ago

Weren't games on those platforms in the running for the award though? Kind of blurs the line, but this is a contest thing.

DJStotty315d ago

but the article mentions no other games other than PS4 games, the tags need removing

ninsigma316d ago

Definitely agreed. Of the games I've played this year it definitely had the best story.

Abnor_Mal316d ago

Great story along with great visuals, and from what I've heard great DLC. Such a great new IP from Guerrilla Games and Sony. Just great.

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