6 Best PS4 Games to Have on Your Radar In December 2017

Twinfinite Writes: December 2017 certainly slows things down in terms of release schedule for the PS4, but there's still a few standout titles to keep your eye on.

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coffeemaster293d ago

Might go back and play Okami

RememberThe357293d ago

I have it pre-ordered. It's a special game.

Neonridr293d ago

geez, really stretching to flesh out this list huh?

We have a PSVR game (Doom), DLC for Destiny 2, a remaster (Okami), a GOTY edition of a game already released this year (RE7), DLC for FFXV and an indie game (but at least an actual game in Tiny Metal).

not sure some of those should qualify as "games"

BrettAwesome293d ago

My thoughts exactly! Why bother writing that shit, when there's nothing to write about?

LevelSmack293d ago

Nice read. I will have to check out FFXV: Episode Ignis

Hardiman293d ago

Can't wait to play DOOM VFR and I never finished Okami so I'll be picking it up as as well!

GamesMaster1982293d ago

For me I’m thinking about Dead Rising 4 on PS4 anyone play on X1 n recommend it ?