What if Sega never left the console business?

How would the gaming world be different if Sega still made consoles?

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PhoenixUp16d ago

Then we’d have four competitors in the hardware industry

FinalFantasyFanatic16d ago

It would be good for competition but my wallet would cry.

rainslacker15d ago

Hard to say if MS would have had the opening if Sega stayed around and remained relevant. MS actually partnered with Sega to have Windows on their platform, so it served the purpose they were trying to go for before they decided to make their own way. If Sega stayed, it's very possible that MS would have continued to do that, because their major interest was having Windows in the gaming market. Not sure how content they would have been with that in the long run though, since part of that was getting people into their eco-system, and likely Sega would want their own considering how things ended up being a gen later.

Einhander197116d ago

For me personally it should be Sega, Sony, Nintendo. It would be expensive but so worth it:)

UraClown16d ago

I've owned every console except intellivision and PS4Pro. I started with pong straight through to the -X. I've watched companies disappear from the planet and new ones take their place. Sega is another causality of this industry. I owned every Sega console, absolutely love the Dreamcast, its a shame they went under. If they stayed, it would 4 consoles to own, competing for my money

WeebLord16d ago

It's a shame that games like Jet Grind Radio, Seaman, Power Stone, Skies of Arcadia didn't find a larger audience. There was no way Sega could ever survive the PS2 and come away with the resources to develop a new machine.

When you're head to head against Madden, Final Fantasy and Gran Turismo and all you have is a game about a talking fish, you're already done. Sega made their bed, between the Game gear, the late life Genesis upgrades, the enormous debacle that was the Saturn and you'll find that almost every advantage Sega had, they had pissed away in 4-5 years.

Sega wasn't going to keep making hardware unless the DC blew up, it didn't and it's kind of their fault. You have to pander to a base, especially back then. They pandered to a niche crowd and got burned for it.

Just to be clear, I like the DC but it was doomed. Just like the Saturn, just like the Genesis.

UraClown16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

I actually think they imploded when the spent the 50-70 million on the original shenmue. That was the most of expensive game made during their hayday. It was also mismanagement when SOJ took control back from SOA when designing the new console , they were just way out of touch and the rest is history..

I actually just looked into my collection and I came across Road Avengers and Sonic CD...ahhhh nostalgia.

FinalFantasyFanatic16d ago

I really wanted to play Skies of Arcadia but you never really saw Dreamcasts in Australia, which was a shame.

Artemidorus16d ago

Pretty sure Sega and Microsoft would of been more involved.

BlackPantherNation15d ago

They definitely could do some damage together

Artemidorus15d ago

They did a good job with the Dreamcast

pyroxxx16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

They would be a better competitor than MS ,.. that is for sure.,.. and they haven't left gaming,

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