What if Sega never left the console business?

How would the gaming world be different if Sega still made consoles?

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PhoenixUp141d ago

Then we’d have four competitors in the hardware industry

FinalFantasyFanatic141d ago

It would be good for competition but my wallet would cry.

rainslacker140d ago

Hard to say if MS would have had the opening if Sega stayed around and remained relevant. MS actually partnered with Sega to have Windows on their platform, so it served the purpose they were trying to go for before they decided to make their own way. If Sega stayed, it's very possible that MS would have continued to do that, because their major interest was having Windows in the gaming market. Not sure how content they would have been with that in the long run though, since part of that was getting people into their eco-system, and likely Sega would want their own considering how things ended up being a gen later.

Einhander1971141d ago

For me personally it should be Sega, Sony, Nintendo. It would be expensive but so worth it:)

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Artemidorus141d ago

Pretty sure Sega and Microsoft would of been more involved.

BlackPantherNation140d ago

They definitely could do some damage together

Artemidorus140d ago

They did a good job with the Dreamcast

pyroxxx141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

They would be a better competitor than MS ,.. that is for sure.,.. and they haven't left gaming,

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The story is too old to be commented.