More Intense Killzone 2 Beta Gameplay (No Sound)

Please watch in HIGH QUALITY.


There's sound throughout the last half of the video.

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RememberThe3573388d ago

forget every other shooter out there. Killzone 2 is going to take COD4's spot as best shooter.

RoidRage3388d ago

This game is in no way shape or form a graphical powerhouse, like you people have hyped it. COD4 pwns this game graphically, and that's a shame since kz2 has been in development for 3 years.

Feel free to pour on the disagrees, but you know I'm right.

psiom3388d ago

Stop kidding yourself RoidRage. You gave yourself away in the first line by talking about "PS3 fanboys" for no reason at all.

IGN, 1UP, and just about anyone else that has been hands on with KZ2 have unanimously pegged its graphics as being a cut above the rest. Not just the COD4 but THE REST. A cut above everything.

So do I believe you (a random anti PS3 troll), or professional journalists that have played the game?

Gee, I'll have to think about that one. I'll let you know.

trancefreak3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Just think of Killzone 2 as being cod4 on steroids that might help ya understand.

Cod4 is an amazing game RR but Killzone 2 will supersede it.

This game gets me so pumped boosh cant wait

RememberThe3573388d ago

Dude your such a buzz kill. Go do something that makes you happy for once and stop being so negative. If you don't like Killzone stop going into posts about it.

Final_Rpg3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

RoidRage secretly weeps alone inside his room at night, longing for the moment when he too will become an owner of a PS3. Until then he shall make sure all other humans that possess a PS3 suffer his merciless and idiotic trolling. He does this in the hope that someone will be able to interpret his true intentions in also becoming a PlayStation 3 owner (through mass trolling) and persuade them to donate their own to him through sympathy.

RoidRage3388d ago

You guys make the mistake of hyping the graphics of every ps3 game that comes along, and EVERY time the graphics quality is in the same arena as everything else on the market. KZ2 isn't even close to the CGI sony bullshi*ted everyone with in 2005.

@Agent Plang
One of the perks to having eyeballs is that you can view something and see for yourself, without having to let someone else tell you what you see. You and every other multi-account blind fool in this section should try them out sometime.

plain rice3388d ago

You clearly are the one that doesn't sport a good set of eyeballs. You must be really blind to say CoD4 looks better than K2. Sorry kiddo, your just a straight A anti-Sony troll. I suggest staying away from the needles because its affecting your vision.

badz1493388d ago

people are praising and hyping KZ2 because graphically it's AMAZING! this is said many times not only by the what-you-called as fanboys but also said in the previews from credible sites such as IGN, 1UP, Gamespot etc and even Sony hater' site like Kotaku is admitting that KZ2 looks gorgeous!

so, if you may move away a little from that 'hate microscope' of yours, I'll tell you this. yeah, graphic-wise it's not CG quality but it's pretty damn close! but what's the problem with that? did CoD4 came out CG-like? or did Gears? I won't even ask about Halos but for god sake, did any other games came out CG-like? even the most stunning game graphically which is Crysis didn't turned out to be CG-like! but all those are great games, well recieved by everybody! so why the hell does KZ2 have to bear all the CG-like pressures? is it because it's PS3 exclusive? even gameplay-wise, KZ2 seems promising! just get over it and complaint more after release!

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C_SoL3388d ago

I would be one really happy man.

INehalemEXI3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Indeed, KZ2 is setting the bar high in beta form. If only it was open beta right now and sites where giving away keys like it was LBP.

We would be happy sons of B___'s. Alas all I got is Envy.

Dissidia3388d ago

This game looks so beautiful and cinematic, I felt like I was watching CG for that second half of the video.


StrikingDmc43388d ago

alot of framerate dips i hope they can fix it

Close_Second3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

...either the frame rate doesn't drop (which is clearly does at times) or there are those who don't want them to address it.

For goodness sake, the frame rate is clearly not rock steady which I for one hope they can resolve before the game is released.

I wish this site would allow you to filter comments by the members age group. I'm guessing its immature (i.e. mainly young) gamers that go through and disagree with nearly everything that's said - even if its pure and simple fact.

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