League of Legends: Varus Lore Update Includes Gay Romance

J Station X: Riot Games unveils a new League of Legends lore update for Varus, revealing that the character's origins story includes a gay romance.

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MeteorPanda49d ago

they already had the gay romance of taric and ez, however l'm fine with this. Varus has a goddamn cupid skin.

mohu49d ago

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evilkillerk49d ago

They needed one gay character after Zoe proclaimed her love for ezreal

bluefox75549d ago

So progressive! So virtuous!

InTheZoneAC49d ago

just make them all gay, then explain there were no more characters added later because it was impossible for them to become pregnant...

theshredded49d ago

My first hero after ashe, I knew something was up.