GameSpy: Patapon 2 Preview

During TGS we had our first chance to see Patapon 2, a new adventure for the cute Patapon creatures created by Sony for its rhythm series on PSP. Designer Hiroyuki Kotani revealed that the development team received many requests for a second game in the series, as well as some complaints, and they decided to take both positive and negative feedback into consideration when thinking up a new installment. Fans of the first Patapon wanted more levels, a higher degree of customization and the option to enjoy it with their friends, and it looks like all of them will be satisfied. Patapon 2 features new characters, levels and a new multiplayer mode enjoyable by up to four players.

+ Original multiplayer mode with game sharing
+ new characters and commands

- Multiplayer can be a problem when one or more of the players are not very skilled.

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