SCEJ: PSP Firmware 5.0 Drops October 15

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has confirmed that the direct PSP store will officially launch on October 15, alongside the release of a new system software update: firmware 5.0. The update adds an XMB icon that allows users to access the PlayStation Store straight from their PSP.

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sinncross3569d ago

u've got to be kidding me... is that all?

jams_shop3569d ago

That's the main feature on the update and maybe Sony doesn't want reveal all details about firmware 5.0 just yet. I just hope that on October 15 we all get to see this update not just Japan.

zslash3569d ago

I'm almost sure it will be. All other firmware updates have been released on a worldwide basis.

BrunoM3569d ago

humm kooll...

So its like these EVERY psp game will from now on be a the ps store so u can buy the umd or the ps store one ..

so all in all sony just beat microsoft to what they so much want (from what they say) online games not in store buys .. even tho with the psp and dsi thats somethig that can hapen easy as we see here but not on the 360 or the ps3 wen US (gamers) can make a quick drive walk nice sunday out to a mall and buy a game go home and play it and wen u go to download games u got to wait hours and hours and that if ur really lucky P2P downloads can take up to weeks so no it wount hapen until ALL networks move to 1Gig conections...

but good for every one that has a psp u can go and download a game now from the ps store ..

but i want more than that i want my user name to be use on the psp FULL PSN .. lets hope that will be on 5.0 .. ... and for any one that is woundering why is it 5.0 and not 4. what ever is because the .xx are mini up to the normal FW wen the x. are big updates and id say these is a BIG one so the why of the 5.00

any ways il wait and see ..

now in another note where are the 14 games sony talk about i want to see them sooo bad where are theyy ????????

DarkBlade3569d ago

So is the Ps3 going to update around there too? Because i heard two updates were going to releasing for the psp and ps3 this month.

LoVeRSaMa3569d ago

Its got to have PSN Login aswell really if it acsess the PS store, whcih means it should include the friends list aswell really...