10 Changes I Want for the Next Souls Game – Dark Souls 4, Bloodborne 2 or New IP

10 things we want to see in Dark Souls 4, Bloodborne 2, or whatever new IP FromSoftware may be working on. How to expand and enhance the Souls universe – outside the box ideas from a dedicated fan!

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naruga46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

i agree up and down with most of them ...except your so dreamy 1st choice ...having a level editor in SOuls games would suck so much computing resources in order to be realised and their use for the editor will hurt the quality of the main game

...take example DOOM 4 good and has very well made enemies and levels but because all of these things wanted to be possible to be included in Editor mode (snap Map) ,nearly all of them seem cheapy and "placed in" or edited by some professional rather than a coherent continuous game ((the whole game is just a series of arenas with teams of of enemies waiting to be slaughtered by you)....Souls games must feel coherent with substance and plot in every minor alley you walk (like Demos souls) ....and not be cheaped down because of an editor

46d ago
Fextralife45d ago

It could be a separate, optional download. Chalice dungeons tried to make procedural into a thing but it failed due to lack of variety of assets, but perhaps we could try and find some ideas such as keeping the levels as they are, but allowing players to place traps, enemies, loot and bosses within them, or change the inter-connectivity of the map.

Duke1946d ago

Hell I just WANT Dark Souls 4.

Wasn't there talk of the series being done?

Movefasta199346d ago (Edited 46d ago )

From software are at their best when they make new souls games instead of sequels.Demon,Dark1and blood imo are the best in the genre bcecause they are so different.As great as dark 3 was, it couldn't let go of dark 1 with all it's references to it and it hurt it imo.I want them to create a new souls ip.

nucky6446d ago

I agree. however, I can't help myself for wanting demonsouls 2 - really want to make another trip to boletaria.