343 Industries Hires Halo Wars 2 Veteran As New Art Director

It looks like Halo Wars 2 veteran Jeremy Cook has been added to the 343 Industries team as their newest art director.

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firelens382d ago

Hopefully Halo 6 isnt trash, story wise.

Summons75380d ago

There are people who actually want it to be trash...fanboys get ridiculous sometimes.

380d ago
Zero_Suit_Samus382d ago

“343 Industries Hires Halo Wars 2 Veteran As New Art Director”

How about a new IP 343i? Try something new for once.

Look what Guerrilla Games give gamers with Horizon: Zero Dawn. One of the best new IP this generation.

Godmars290382d ago

They were created to make Halo games. Talk to MS if you want them to do something else.

Sciurus_vulgaris382d ago

The studio is already deep into Halo 6 development.Maybe work on other properties could happen after Halo 6 is done.

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morganfell380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

I don't want them to make a new IP. They are there to make HALO. However I do want them to pull their head out of their backside, wake up, and stop trying to destroy what Bungie built so they can make their own version of HALO. Stop wrecking the Spartan canon with individuals that are supposed to be the most elite soldiers ever yet they act like raging hormone teenagers. Wrecking HALO isn't why they were founded. You do not out Bungie...Bungie. Not on this. You take up the mantle that was granted you and you continue on in that vein. You stop turning HALO into Call of HALO (This won't happen as HALO MP is now and forever twitch based) and you stop trying to create your own ridiculous Spartan to replace the Chief.

Sciurus_vulgaris380d ago

Halo 5 mp is not twitch based. Kill times are way longer in Halo 5 than in COD. Halo 5 has equal starts, weapons/power ups on map and no perks.

morganfell380d ago

It is still a twitch shooter. Being slower to kill than COD does not absolve a title of twitch shoot mechanics. And it has been using pay to win gamble loot boxes called Req Packs for over 2 years.

chiefJohn117380d ago

Halo is not twitch and req packs aren't pay to win plus it's exclusive to 1 new playlist.

shiva1380d ago


Please go play your COD today. This is not where you belong

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sammarshall102380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

Horizon isn't that great tbh I have given it many chances. I haven't played the DLC yet though

Ceaser9857361380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

Each his own.. I hated Halo and never went back. I loved Gears and QB thats it. But Halo may be a good game i dont know and HZD is one of the best game this gen but doesnt mean everyone needs to like every game..
That was very stupid comment saying GG sucked at making KZ. They did good not bad like you making it look like but they wanted to spread their wings and try something different and guess what they succeeded.. This is GG's 2nd game in this Gen first being Killzone Shadowfall. So they didnt give up like you saying..

Vasto380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

Guerulla Games sucked at trying to make a Halo competitor in Killzone so that's why the made a new IP.

The had to. LOL

As for 343 I want them to continue doing Halo. If Halo 6 is coming in 2018 its automatically my #1 most anticipated game period.

I would love to see a Halo RPG though... Halo has so much story and lore an RPG done right would be amazing.

Cyborgg380d ago

Not just GG what about Sucker Punch

coolbeans380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

"Look what Guerrilla Games give gamers with Horizon: Zero Dawn."

Nevermind they got around to that 2nd new IP 13 years down the line. Something very important to consider in this context, a studio specifically created to maintain MS' most lucrative creative license.

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Vasto380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

I still need to get Halo Wars 2. 343 supports the hell out of their games.

I give them that.

threefootwang380d ago

I just beat the campaign.

It's fantastic.

AnotherProGamer380d ago

One problem of 343 Halo games was they overdesigned the art style of Halo but Halo War 2 art design is a lot closer to what Halo should look like so a smart idea to get this guy on their tram

Sciurus_vulgaris380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

Halo Wars 2 has two separate art styles though, a brighter cartoonier gameplay art style and a darker cinematic direction more inline with Halo: Reach to 5.

AnotherProGamer376d ago (Edited 376d ago )

Im taking more about the design like armor, weapons, vehicles, aliens

343i overdesigned these with a lot more unnecessary detail that leads to a cluttered image, which this guys design isnt as cluttered and more incline with Bungies design

Sciurus_vulgaris376d ago

Bungies old Halo design's were low poly by modern standards. It was Halo: Reach that introduced more elaborate designs, due to higher poly counts.