Star Ocean: The Last Hope Face-Off: PS4 Pro vs Xbox 360

Hardcore Gamer: "When Star Ocean: The Last Hope first released on Xbox 360, it was far from the most visually impressive game on the market. It definitely was a step up in visuals compared to Till the End of Time, which was released five years prior, but it failed to hit a 720p standard, with the combat suffering the worst. That’s not to say it was visually dull as the game had a large variety of environments, and for the time, had some detailed character models. After so long, Square Enix went back to the well to see what they could do with tri-Ace’s baby, and the results are pretty impressive."

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SegaGamer257d ago

It shows just how bad anti-aliasing was on last gen's consoles. It really did make a lot of games look ugly back then.

alexh256d ago

Hahahaha best comparison ever. Wonder what will come out on top.

TheColbertinator256d ago

Another victory for the Xbox 360.

Pantz256d ago

It's not even a remaster based on the 360 version. It's based on the PS3 international version.

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