Square Enix Needs to Move on From Final Fantasy XV and Show Us What’s Next

Twinfinite Writes: Final Fantasy XV has received a wealth of content over the last year, but it's high time Square Enix actually gives us a look at what's next.

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-Foxtrot352d ago

I agree.

We won't judge the game on them fixing an unfinished game in the end we'll judge on what we were given so honestly they are better off starting fresh, getting it right the first time.

Go back to it's traditional roots

FallenAngel1984352d ago

I don’t see why they should stop support for FFXV when they can still produce more new games at the same time

Relientk77352d ago

Final Fantasy 16, back to more medieval fantasy like Final Fantasy 9

PhoenixUp351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

“Noctis is a good character, he just doesn’t have that same gravitas that someone like Cloud, or even Lightning has.”

Noctis is a far greater and more likable character than Lightning and even Cloud to an extent. I don’t see why he should be denied being the new face of the franchise like Cloud and Lightning before him.

“How many fans are still going to stick around for the content coming to XV, especially if it’s spread out across 2018?”

Many in fact. People aren’t just going to all suddenly stop playing a game at the same time. I for example constantly replay titles like FFIV, FFVII, FFIX, FFX-2, FFXII, FFXIII-2, KH1, KH2, & KH:BBS. FFXV will be added to that roster and the fact it’s getting more content just makes revisiting it that much more enticing. Same can be said for various other gamers.

“After completing the main story, there’s just not a huge incentive for players to stick around in Eos unless they’re serious, die-hard fans, especially not in the face of other big RPGs nearing release like Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Dragon Quest XI, and Kingdom Hearts III to name a few. This leads us to the big problem facing Final Fantasy right now, where do we go from here?”

Players can replay the game on New Game+ or experience various post game content as well as any added features through patches and DLC. You act like people can’t reexperience the game if they enjoyed it. You think everyone just dropped FFVII immediately and never touched it again after beating it? Or any other title in the franchise? New games doesn’t make a previous game suddenly irrelevant. Just look how excited people were to play FFIX & FFXII again when they were rereleased on PS4 this year.

Seraphim351d ago

If you constantly replay those games you are very likely a minority. Not to say I haven't replayed them because I have went back to some FFs, RPGs and other games in the past. But to constantly replay them is something very few likely do.

Personally I loved XV but I had no intention of purchasing character DLC and continuing to play. Though once I did Platinum XV I definitely wanted more. It was a great game. I have all the time in the world but there's other games to enjoy and keep me busy. However, if there's enough fans/consumers to make the DLC a viable model for Square and it's gamers then by all means. If they're not pulling or holding back developers from other projects such as KH3, a new FF, etc then I don't care. At the end of the day that's all that matters. Whether the resources and developers are on their next projects and whether or not their DLC plans are profitable, that fans are purchasing it so SE sees a return on their investment.

Personally I'd like to see what's next but we all know, should know how SE works. Even if they showed us a new FF it would likely end up being 3-5+ years before it was finished and released. I mean look at XV. That initially was Versus XIII back when XIII was announced a decade+ ago. Right now all I care is about is that Kindom Hearts 3 is coming along and will release in '18 and that they are in the development phase for FF XVI.

PhoenixUp351d ago

Minority? You do know that a vast amount of gamers replay games don’t you?

Not only that but a vast amount of people rewatch movies/television, reread books/visual novels/comics/manga, & relisten to books right? It isn’t a new or even niche phenomenon for people to reexperience media in various entertainment mediums they find enjoyment in. If you don’t think that then you must be living under a rock or in a bubble.

People can replay a game once or twice or even various times. Point is that not every title is a one and done for everybody, and especially not for something like FFXV.

I have other games that keep my interest as well. But that doesn’t mean I won’t play my older titles again, especially ones that receive more content like FFXV that makes the notion even more enticing.

The dev team working on FFXV’s additional content is a fraction of the team that made the entire game, so no this new content isn’t holding back development on any new games. KH3 & FFVIIR wouldn’t come any sooner if FFXV support was dropped, so why shouldn’t Square Enix continue supporting the game? The can do that while also giving us new titles. It’s not an either or situation

DigitalCentralMedia351d ago

I'm pretty sure they are focusing on KH3 for now

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