1UP: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Wii Hands-On Preview

1UP got to play it on Wii. That was good enough for them, and using the Classic controller the game was a breeze to play. With no insult meant to the beautiful work Capcom has done with Street Fighter IV, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom may just be the neo-2D fighter to beat in the upcoming months. Originally developed for arcades, it's possible that Capcom has ported it to the Wii 1) to take advantage of the Wii's notable lack of quality fighting games (it's N64 all over again), and 2) to avoid competing with the eventual Xbox 360 and PS3 ports of Street Fighter IV. We expect that Tatsunoko will eventually find its way to those consoles, but for the time being the Wii version looks beautiful. Sure it's not as high-res as it would be on consoles that support 720p and beyond, but considering how fun it is, you'll never notice the jaggies.

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