HTC Vive vs Oculus Rift vs PlayStation VR

The big three VR headsets compared on specs, price, performance and more

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2cents13d ago

Oculus > Vive > PSVR


Aggesan12d ago

Vive = NeoGeo
Rift = CD-i
PSVR = Snes

Guess who wins? Hint, it's the one with lowest hardware specs but broadest market penetration 😉

Geeeebeeee13d ago

vive is definitely the better headset.

but it's also about software availability, price, comfort etc.

all in all PSVR is probably the most accessible for the average consumer. i think sales figure clearly shows that.

BLAKHOODe13d ago

I got bored reading the article, but I already knew the one I currently own (PSVR) is #3 of the 3. And I've watched enough YouTube videos to know that the HTC Vive is usually the most preferred VR device.