1UP: Gomibako Preview

This is 1UP's first time learning about Gomibako. Though at first glance it appeared to be some variant on drop-and-match puzzlers, the true gameplay mechanics came as a bit of a surprise. In Gomibako, there's no matching of colors or anything similar; it's all about packing in garbage and disposing of it. And one of the best ways to pack in tons of garbage is to break fragile items over more sturdy ones by dropping them quickly. For example, breaking a wooden barrel results in a small quantity of splintered wood that occupies far less space than the original barrel, resulting in a denser concentration of garbage. But if you want to break a wooden barrel, 1) you're going to need something harder than a barrel to do it, and 2) you're going to need to drop it fast enough and with enough accuracy to make that happen (or, of course, drop the barrel on that item instead).

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ReaperXL73425d ago

A Garbage man simulator? Way to teach kids to shoot for the stars Japan,"Don't worry Jimmy if you try real hard, one day you can pick up the trash someday".

I love the Japanese culture, but sometimes I think they have just completely lost it over there.

iHEARTboobs3425d ago

Never a shortage of dumb comments around here, is there?