Destiny 2 Fails To Keep Players Properly Engaged

John: Destiny 2 has a player retention problem. It is not that the game’s current content is bad, it is that there is not enough of it. Having a grind in a game is nothing new and if done properly can keep players busy for hours, but if done wrong it is all a chore to do once the honeymoon phase is over. Destiny 2 is that it had a good first 60 hours or so then it became stale.

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alexg58716d ago

RT bungie should get some advice from digital extremes (warframe devs)

JonnS16d ago

Cause it's pretty much the same game as Destiny 1 with exception of that short campaign.
Finish the campaign and it's deja Vu grind .

thorstein16d ago

I would say it is less than Destiny 1 since all of the stuff that built up D1 into a playable game is completely gone.