Sony hopes to hit a Home run against Xbox

The Tokyo Game Show is one of the highlights of the year for the video game industry, which spreads its major announcements between this event, the Leipzig Game Convention and a diminished E3 show in Los Angeles in the summer, and the Game Developers' Conference in San Francisco in the spring.

Tokyo is more about games and gamers, with nearly 900 games on display and up to 180,000 people expected to attend over the next four days, rather than the limited industry professional events of E3 and GDC.

The console makers are therefore emphasising new titles, with Microsoft announcing a new version of Halo - Halo 3: Recon, to debut in a year's time.

It also gave a launch date of November 19 for the "New Xbox Experience" - an update to its interface that allows the creation of animated avatars and new community features.

The "Experience" is designed to compete with Sony's Home, a much delayed virtual-world interface for the PlayStation 3.

While Sony has yet to set a date for its official release, Jack Tretton, its US president, confirmed it would debut in November, in a recent interview at Sony's US headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Extracts from that interview after the jump:

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Silogon3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

Yeah, Sony's a regular Babe Rooth, let me tell ya'.. Their announcments at TGS were earth shattering. /end of sarcasm.

CEO of Troll Corp3449d ago

nobody listens to you gamesblow

Mario183449d ago

Ever since gamesblow had wrong info about the ps3 and 360 people were fed up with his lies. He then changed his name to Silogon, and keeps talking about gamesblow this, and gamesblow that

Silogon3449d ago

What's that, I can't see you? You've got less bubbles than me. Pathetic.

Anyways, for the naysayers, you lose 4 weeks of football games in a row, odds are you're not going t the super bowl. Relate that to Sony now. They've lost 4 weeks of sales in a row to the xbox 360. Odds are, their not going to the super bowl.

Mario183449d ago

Hey Siloblow,whos got more agrees and less disagrees, CEO or you...

Lanoire3449d ago

WhiteKnightChronicles stole the show with its unbelievable trailer and details released.

2 new IPs revealed: demons souls and Quantum theory.
More importantly, demon souls is another RPG and Quantum Theory looks like a Gears of war rival.

Sackboy Snake and Sephiroth are day one purchases.

And the shocker is that they havent even started. TGS will last 3 more days. The 9 new IP announcements are yet to be revealed!

MS keynote is already over and they didnt even had new games to show for. Their biggest news was Tekken 6 going multi platform. WOOOOWWWW /end sarcasm

Fact is, PS3 is cleaning the floor with 360 at TGS.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3449d ago

Was that it??? M$ Tokyo Game Show done???????????
Erm what did it have...

'Halo 3: Recon' WOW!!! Er NOT!!! ;-D

'Tekken:Whatever number now' on the xBox 360 now...WOW!!! Er NOT!!! ;-D

Baby 'Wii' Looking Avatars coming November 19th???...WOW!!! Er NOT!!! ;-D

M$ saying the xBox 360 is selling BILLIONS a day!!! ;-D And people around the World are fighting to Buy one!!!...WOW!!! Er NOT!!! ;-D

SONY have NOTHING to Fear!!!;)

cereal_killa3449d ago


The NY Giants say different didn't they lose there first 4 games in the season then went on an 10 game winning streak, Went on to even win the super bowl as well..

Anything can happen and if you look at 360 sales in Japan there steadily declining each week 29000 1 week, 14000 2nd week, 10000 3rd and now 8000 4th being cheaper than the Wii and PS3 everywhere in the world and coming in with less than stellar sales doesn't sound like the system is all crack up to be it seems this is just a surge in sale's that will go back to normal in the coming weeks.

ReTarDedFisHy3448d ago

What the... heck? Your proportion/comparison makes no sense whatsoever. Sales aren't "seasons", and there is no W-T-L ratio. Being outsold for 4 weeks doesn't mean much.

lawman11083448d ago

Even MGS4 was FAR from a Home run.............You Sony clowns better thank god for the Blu-Ray player or you would be the Sega CD by now

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Spike473449d ago

have that was so shocking? A fighting game and ANOTHER halo?

Spike473449d ago

Well I'm excited once again.

aftrdark213449d ago

it's coming out around the time of the NXE. I'm sure Sony doesn't want Microsoft to 1up them by having the NXE out first.

Ain't competition grand?

Game On!

chasuk083449d ago

"it's coming out around the time of the NXE. I'm sure Sony doesn't want Microsoft to 1up them by having the NXE out first."

I wouldnt bet on that. It seems to me sony doesnt give a dam when microsoft release stuff, or in fact give a dam about them at all, as they never seem to counter anything they do.

KillaManiac3449d ago

Ive been hearing reports that Home Beta servers are shutting down pretty soon.

So this date for HOME might actually be true!


whoelse3449d ago

Will Sony manage to get it out before NXE, that is the question.


yes sony shall have it out, and it will be its FREE.

expect xbox to try and copy every near aspect of it......minus the FREE part, and then charge you for new service.LOL.

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Internet Trolling Ex3449d ago

Microsoft play softball,thats why vista,zune,windows live,and the xbox 360 are all worldwide failures

lawman11083448d ago

Are the ones I put in your mouth

Nineball21123449d ago

Q: Where do you stand right now in the console wars after a somewhat shaky first year?

A: Gamers are coming back to us, we are selling a higher percentage of games such as Madden NFL and Grand Theft Auto, because people are choosing the PS3 [over the Xbox]. Sales are up over 100 per cent and we are tracking well ahead of what we expected. We are having success in multiple markets and, coming up to the second anniversary of the PS3, we are right where we wanted to be."

darthv723449d ago

"You know, we are in the crapper. I am pissed at the Asian division of Sony for letting certain exclusive titles slip from the Playstation family. If I were running the show we would not be so kind as to let long time developers take a walk on the other side of the street. We would control them with an iron fist or they would be cut off completely from any development kits. Things like that may be good for Nintendo to accept but not us.

There is more we should be doing in regards to our loyal PS2 fanbase. Getting them to put down the DS2 and pick up a DS3 is a task that should be at the forefront of our endeavor. People have complained about prices and we need to deliver. Even if it means cutting a few [developers] corners. We have been the leader these past two console generations and don't want to lose out to the casual [Wii] or the soft-core [360] system."

Nineball21123448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

Ummm, no. Why would I be expecting him to say all that?

That doesn't make any sense.

I expected the truth from him and it appears that's what I got. ;-)

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