Final Fantasy VII: Is It Really The Best Game Ever?

16BD writes: "I recently reviewed Final Fantasy VIII, a game that is quite literally the marmite of the series. So, I figured it was only fair to review the one that so many people consider the “best game ever made”; Final Fantasy VII.

Now, obviously this is a very adored and much loved game by a huge portion of the gaming world… So, I’m more than a little nervous about writing this review. But in the end, I’m going to sit here and be completely honest about the game. So, my rotten vegetable shield is in hand – let’s get on with it!"

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strayanalog379d ago

"Final Fantasy VII: Is It One Of The Best Games Ever?" - I fixed it for you. And yes, yes it is.

377d ago
Babadook7377d ago

Yes. It is one of the best. In my humble opinion it was the second best of all time and I’ve finished it 4 times each time spending more time finding more of the secrets.

Summons75377d ago

Great game but with bad characters and a story that falls apart and gets more and more convoluted after disc 1, it gets really held back. Fantastic gameplay and music. Other games in the series did much better, it just gets fame because it happened to be the first 3D FF title, right place and the right time.

377d ago
Babadook7377d ago

The characters were classic. Best characters ever in my opinion.

Summons75377d ago

Group of terrorists consisting of whiny emo, and a stereotypical black guy, while the rest are forgettable. Ah and let's not forget the villian...crybaby wanting mommy.

Vanfernal377d ago

Seeing as you got Kefka in your pic... You know what the best FF game is. I still firmly believe that since a lot of people played FFVII first they have this attachment to it that goes beyond objective opinion. Kind of how most people swear by Ocarina of Time as the best Zelda ever and never even played a Link to the Past. When all is said and done, to each their own I guess.

indyman7777360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

LOL Kefka was a NUT JOB! He was the one that got me stuck on Final Fantasy. Lunar the Silver star got me stuck on JRPG's. I loved FFVII music more and the summon spells so I think that is why I like FF VII. 6 many have had the best story.

Your probably right about why everyone else likes 7 more though, can't compete with first love attachment.

Asuka377d ago

It is not for me personally. Though the fact we still see articles for this game, including FFVIII and FFIX, proves these games are something special 20 years later.

FullmetalRoyale377d ago

It’s definitely in my top ten(played it in 2012 for the first time.) Honestly it’s just hard to remember all of the amazing experiences I’ve had with video games. My top five is ever changing.

Testfire377d ago

I have yet to play it. I just played FF VI last year and I loved it, it really stood the test of time.

I really wish all these games would come to the Switch, it would make playing them so much more convenient for me lol.

indyman7777360d ago

@testfire just played 6 huh? Your in trouble buddy. Say good bye to your social life. After you get done with FVII jump over to (The legend of heroes trails of cold steel 1 and 2) on Steam....PS3...Psvita.

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